Jul 27, 2017

Sage Salt HD - Arriving Now!

Our first shipment of the new Sage Salt HD Fly Rods arrived today.

Right now I've paused writing. Doing my best to avoid using all the standard phrases such as best ever, or must have! I'm tired of writing them and you're tried of hearing those references to the new product each year. I just want to try my best to describe what I experience from this new salt stick.

First. let me note as of this time I have not fished this rod yet. My experience is with casting 7,  9, and 10 weights,  indoor as well as outdoor on water. All where equipped with the new RIO Direct Core Flats Pro Fly line.
Not trying to down play this review but instead just being honest. I too am tired of "best ever" rod reviews were as no actual fishing took place.

Here are qualities I detected straight away.
Like the Sage X, you are connected to this rod! I don't understand how it happens but it is distinctly different then any other rod I am aware of. George Cook, (Northwest Sage Representative), described it best when he said, "You know that moment in the backcast when you loose feel while waiting for the rod to load? You don't get that with the X or the new Salt HD. You never feel disconnected from these rods."

Cast straight as an arrow! I am a notoriously inaccurate caster. It's largely due to a combination of bad habits and worn out body mechanics. Konnetic HD solves this for me. I know from experience when my casting should veer left or right but somehow Konnetic HD keeps me on target. I have witnessed arrow straight cast with both X and Salt HD rods.

Wide range of load. Every rod has a sweet spot where line weight combined with rod load will create great cast. What I detect in Salt HD is an exceptionally wide range of load sweet spot. Short, mid and long range, casts load easily with feel and response. On the subject of response, what I experience is you don't have to drive this rod to make it respond. Just direct it and the power will come naturally. I have to say it again, you just get connected with this rod.

RIO Direct Core Flats Pro Fly Line. Complimenting the Salt HD, the new RIO saltwater line needs to receive its due credit. This line lays down straight and direct connected to the fly. Every strip you feel the fly and you don't feel slack line. It has a great taper and head length for flats angling. It comes in floating as well as an intermediate version.

While I don't have any scheduled salt plans I will be grabbing a 7wt asap to hit my aggressive streamer game. The bonus in these sticks is how well they play that streamer game. I can't wait!

Greg Darling 

"My Passion For Fishing Is A Lifelong Pursuit Of Discovery"

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