Jul 24, 2017

Jurassic Lake Lodge | Argentina

Bucket List worthy fly fishing travel destination.
Jurassic Lake Lodge
"100 yards of the most prolific trophy trout water."

What comes to mind when thinking about Jurassic Park? Prehistoric beasts trapped on an island right? Well this adventure is no Hollywood movie and we're talking about beasts living in Jurassic Lake in Patagonia. Some would say nothing short of a biological anomaly and "must be the most prolific trophy  rainbow fishery on the planet!"

"Unquestionably the most prolific trophy rainbow trout lodge in the world!"

The lake itself is a large desert sink lake measuring approximately 20 by 15 km (about 12.5 by 9.3 miles). Located around 3,000 ft. elevation in the wide open desolate expanse of the Patagonian Steppe.

Don't let looks fool you, while Jurassic may look like a saltwater body of water, it is prolific with small scuds and massive rainbows. Here rainbow trouts are extremely stout and can be incredibly strong and acrobatic They will average 10 pounds, countless in the teens and solid numbers in the 20 plus pound class.

Jurassic Lake is located in the Santa Cruz Province in Argentina.

The Lodge:
The Lodge has the good fortune of being located at the mouth of Jurassic lake’s only significant tributary. With no outlet, this is far and away the best location on the lake with anglers stacking up big numbers of big fish virtually every day of the season. There have been some reports of slower fishing in February where anglers might only catch 5-10 big fish a day, but by in large the general level of productivity of the camp water is hard to comprehend.

Jurassic Lake Lodge | Argentina
Corner pool - early season

Rainbow Trout (Average 10+ pounds) 

Recommended Gear:
Rods: We recommend 9 to 10 ft.
Reels: Should have capacity for the fly line and 200 yards of 30 lb backing.
Lines: Weight forward floating lines with a compact front taper are the most popular followed by full intermediate lines or intermediate shooting head type lines. More Jurassic Lake gear information at gorgeflyshop.com

Season: November–April
Capacity: 10 anglers
2017 Rate: $4,520-$6,220 per person for a 7 night/6 ½ day package

Jurassic Lake Lodge
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