Jun 25, 2017

Columbia Gorge Fishing Report (6/25/2017)

It's hotter than a well digger's armpit out there!

But there are fish biting all over the Gorge!

Exploring the Gorge never gets old

Trout fishing on the Deschutes has been pretty good and stable.  I have heard of some folks doing really well on yellow sallies and caddis.  Nymphing caddis larvae/pupae or a pheasant tail/hare's ear/prince nymph has been good as usual.  I would also be well stocked with PMD and PED adults/parachutes as that hatch should still be going strong.

Trout fishing on the local lakes has been stellar!  I have some seen some real beauties coming out of Lost and Laurance lake.  Lost lake resort rents boats as well, so if you don't have a watercraft and want to escape the heat, head on up and enjoy the view!  Lakes throughout the Cascades are fishing very well, but make sure you brings some DEET as the biting insects have been bad this year.  Ants, Callibaetis, damsels, dragonflies and buggers are the names of the game!  Check out my Stillwater Gear Roundup for details on getting dialed in!

Steelhead fishing has been quiet.  I have heard of a few fish being hooked on the Klickitat, but it has otherwise been very slow.  There are a few more fish between Bonneville and The Dalles, so hopefully we will see some fish getting happy!  The bulk of the summer steelhead should be showing up in the next couple months so book a trip with Sam at Steelhead Outfitters for a Deschutes jetboat trip or Travis at Western Waters for a float down the Klick before it's too late!

Another solid brick bronzeback
Bass fishing in Columbia has been very good.  I have found fish in both pre and post spawn depending on the part of the river I was on and the water temps.  I have had a couple killer evenings catching nice fish shallow on poppers.  Often the bite will come after the initial cast.  Just leave the popper sit for up to 30 seconds, if you can handle it...

Bass fishing on the John Day should be excellent.  We have had a lot of customers headed out that way, but no reports back yet.  I have to imagine the fish are hungry and plentiful! Bring a selection of small poppers, hoppers, and wiggle minnows and a light rod and have a blast on bronzebacks!

Flows:  The USGS sites give us real-time flows, while the NOAA site shows us predictions based on weather patterns.  Both are invaluable tools.

Hood River:



Deschutes near Madras:

Deschutes at the mouth:

Columbia River
Columbia @ Hood River (The mouth of the Hood backs up at 75 feet)

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