Apr 5, 2017

Korkers - The Sole Story

Korkers AlumaTrax

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The Sole Story

The unique feature of all Korkers Wading Boots is the ability to change soles to match wading requirements. The proven OmniTrax V3.0 System offers versatility not found in any other wading boot.

In this short article we'll explore your sole options and how they can improve your fishing

With concerns for stream health and regional restrictions Korkers has a solution to keep you safe and our streams clean. When I need traction I depend on Alumatrax. About the only sole type that comes close to this traction in the stream is studded felt but studded felt is no match to Alumatrax on the trail. Also since Alumatrax is not spikes it is generally accepted friendly to boat floors. I am a huge fan of this sole type and if I only had one to choose from this would be it.

Studded Felt
A good argument can be made for the effectiveness of studded felt. For many anglers it's still the "go to" choice for traction. Great feature with Korkers and the Omnitrax system is when regulation forces you to drop the felt you have adaptable options.

When your guide request "No Traction Devices in the boat", this felt option can save your day. Still get great traction when in the stream and comfortable to stand on deck all day long.

Studded Rubber
I found these soles to be very effective on slimy slick rock stream bottoms and rocky terrain. Super aggressive 7mm threaded, replaceable carbide spikes makes these soles a favorite with ocean jetty anglers and winter extreme icy environment anglers coast to coast. I understand this is a favorite among coastal Striper anglers.

Studded Kling-on
Great option for the anglers who just needs a tread sole with a little extra traction.

Vibram and Studded Vibram
These are a great step up option in tread soles. My pick would be the studded model but there are reasons to go with no-stud tread.

Traction device or tread

It's easy to have traction opinions when wading throughout the western waters. The West is demanding and therefore it's hard for us to talk about anything other than serious traction devices. One such example is Oregon's Deschutes River. One slip here could put an angler in a serious life threatening situation. The general claim from anglers who frequent this fishery is, it's not a matter of if you will dunk but when you will dunk. It's advised not to come to this fishery with just tread soles.

Many situations don't require the hardware to wade.
Example is Great Lakes Carp Flats Fishing. I fished this environment a couple years ago and preparing to go fish it again later this spring. In this situation one might even find traction devices to create unnecessary noise. The shale rock bottoms of Lake Michigan are not slick at all and the surface to walk on is flat. For this fishery I would reach for the Kling-on or the Vibram. The non-studded soles will be stealthy as possible and provide clean quiet wading.

Korkers Omnitrax adaptable traction provides the angler options to meet the specific demands of traction, safety, cleanliness, stealth and regulation.

We'd like to hear from our Korkers owners and what sole you are using and tell us about your wading demands. Please share in the comments.

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