Jan 18, 2017

RIO Favorite Fly Fishing Knots DVD

RIO Favorite Fly Fishing Knots
I grabbed a copy of this new DVD called RIO's Favorite Fly Fishing Knots. I feel as if I already know the knots I need in order to go fishing but it never hurts to learn a new knot or just find out what you don't know.

Do you really need a DVD to learn to tie knots? Maybe KNOT!!!

But! I did find many advantages to a DVD form of learning over the many pocket guides I've studied over the years.

The main advantage is get to see real anglers actually tying knots. Demonstrations are done by Simon Gawesworth and Zach Dalton, both are masters of the trade and these gentlemen possess proven teaching skills.

Another advantage with video is being able to pick up on hand placement techniques that can make any knot easier to tie. I find that it's not just the sequence of moves to tie a knot but equally important in learning is the placement of hands and use of fingers to hold the knot in the many stages leading to completion.

Also included in this video is actual knot break strength test. This really can show a knots strengths and weaknesses. For instance I have long been a fan of the Trilene Knot for Bass Buggin. As demonstrated in this video it's easy to see why with its 99% break strength. When Bass fishing one needs a knot that can take the force of powerful hook sets and the strength to pull free from shoreline jungles. The Trilene knot lives up to that and its strength is proven in this video.

Complete list of knots demonstrated. There is also a section about Understanding Tippet that I found quite informative

>>Fly to Leader Knots
  • Clinch Knot
  • Improve Clinch
  • Turtle Knot
  • Davy Knot
  • Non Slip Loop Knot
  • Homer Rhodes Knot
  • Belize Loop
  • Trilene Knot
  • Pitzen Knot
>>Leader to Tippet
  • Blood Knot
  • Improved Blood Knot
  • Double and Triple Surgeon
  • Albright Knot
  • Slim Beauty
  • Uni Knot
>>Loop Knots
  • Double Surgeon Loop
  • Perfection Loop
  • Loop to Loop Connection
  • Bimini Twist
  • Spider Hitch
>>Other Knots
  • How to make a Braided Loop
  • How to attach a Braided Loop
  • How to use a Nail Knot Tool
  • Nail Knot
  • Needle Knot
  • Reverse Blind Splice Loop
  • Arbor Knot
  • Wind Knot

For the $19.95 Price I found the RIO Favorite Fly Fishing Knots DVD to be quite a bargain. I'm sure I have spent more than that in various pocket guides that in comparison just don't even come close to what is demonstrated on this disc. I'm securing a copy in my library of fishing material.


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