Mar 2, 2016

Outcast Stealth Pro Frame-less Pontoon Boat Review

Stealth Pro = Versatile 

In Past articles I have written much about how fond I am of this lightweight frame-less pontoon boat call the OSG Stealth Pro from Outcast. I'll provide links to those articles at the bottom.

Today I want to share what our recent customer, Denny from Washington had to say about the Outcast Stealth Pro

Outcast Power Kick Fins
Greg: Howdy from up here in Wa. I got the Stealth wet yesterday at a lake near home. The pontoon performed like a champ. The motor worked flawlessly, rowed like a dream and the Outcast Power kick fins were perfect. The two rod holding set up worked great! Also the seat was super comfortable. I set up an anchor drop on the motor mount with a pulley there for the rope to go thru if I ever want to anchor up and still fish chironomids. That way it will stay straight for me in the wind. It was a beautiful day up there, but the fishing was still slow. Ended up with seven cut-bows and a few other bites. I am looking forward to many hours of enjoyment using it in the future. Thank you for all the tips and recomendations. Oh, it fits perfectly in the back of my 2014 chev.shortbed fullsized pickup with the toneau cover closed and locked. I am totally sold on it. Thanks again. Denny
Fits Stealth Pro and New OSG Striker

Denny does a lot of lake fishing and set his Stealth Pro up to work great for this. He went with the Outcast Frameless Motor mount and installed an electric motor to help cover large lakes.  It really shows how versatile the Stealth Pro can be. One day go from a motor and kick fins on a lake to the next day rowing a river with enough room and weight capacity to easy carry overnight gear. 

The Stealth Pro is so light (35lb) it just makes everything easier. Easy to row, easy to maneuver, easy to launch and easy to load. 
Frameless Boat Bag

While I have never done this yet...also easy to air travel with. New from Outcast is a Frameless Boat Bag complete with backpack straps and room enough to carry boat, oars and K-Pump. For the super adventures angler one could even pack this into one of those secret hidden lakes that never sees another angler. 
Back truck into garage and load!

Storage is not an issue either. Deflate it if you wish for long term or do like I did and get the Boat Hoist System and keep it ready to go all the time. I can load it in my truck in seconds and be on my way to the river. 

Aside from all the ease of use about the Stealth Pro I also want to emphasize what floating a river or lake does for you. Freedom to go where you want to go and floating away from the crowds lets you enjoy your fishing passion in peace. I get a kick out of knowing I am fishing a spot that other guys across the river can't wade to. Be nice and wave to them, lol! Also just floating and rowing a river is just a pure enjoyment. I get a feeling of being a part of the water and its currents. I look around at canyon walls and watch the birds and the ducks. I get to know the river in a different way than wading alone can offer.

Securing your rods
The above picture shows a simple modification I made to secure my rods. Oh yeah rods as in plural..another great feature of floating is you get to carry more than one rod. Using tarp bungee straps I rigged this simple system to secure my rods. It might not work too well for rods with no fight butts or lower handles.

There are other brands to consider and while I have not tried them all I did get a chance to experience a Scadden Renegade. It was a good boat too but the general consensus was the Stealth Pro was a better choice for several reasons such as a the Outcast reliable internal urethane air bladder, the more secure foot rest and a oar lock system that felt much smoother rowing. Also if ever needed it Outcast service is nothing short of excellent and that opinion comes from Gorge Fly Shop's many years of experience as an Outcast Boat dealer. 

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  1. Greg, I feel like a kid again fishing this way. I've had 6 pontoon boats, a v-boat, and a belly boat, plus several fly fishing prams. And this one is by far the best thing I've fished out of yet. Thanks again. Tight lines to you always.

  2. Denby, what motor are you using (suggesting) for the Outcast Stelth Pro? And did you figure out a way to have a motor and an anchor? Thanks, Larry. 541-598-5161.

  3. Hi Greg,
    I am curious to the answer to LEW's inquiry on MAY 27, 2019. What trolling motor are you suggesting for the Stealthpro and shaft length? Thank you in advance!

  4. Hey Guys, Sorry for such a delay in answering. I'm not sure what Denny used on his and I have no personal experience with a motor on mine but I can give you my insight. The most basic motor will move a stealth pro just fine. Having a long time experience with Minn Kota, I'd probably look in that direction. A Minn Kota Endura with a 30" shaft and 30lb thrust will move you around all day without breaking bank. On web search I also found some kayak specific motors available on amazon with even shorter 24" shafts. You will also want to put some research into battery info. be sure to make it easy in and out and have an amp/hr rating that will fill your needs. Again I found some systems on amazon that would cover these concerns.

    1. Thanks for the info! Just purch a OSG Stealth Pro and interested in a trolling motor and battery for the lakes in MN.

  5. To resurrect this old thread. I'm curious why you and Denny went with something like the Outcast Stealth Pro vs. a regular pontoon or raft like the Scadden Dragonfly? I am looking for something that I can mount a trolling motor on to fish mainly on lakes.

    1. I can't speak for Denny but for me the Stealth Pro is really a river boat. I don't use a trolling motor. I typically use it to float small-ish rivers and usually get out and wade fish. I have used it in some stillwater and navigated with kick fins while fishing. It really is easy to control this way. Another feature I really like about the Stealth is at the end of the day you can just throw it in the back of your truck, strap it down and head home. I've pretty much have found if I need more boat...Then I need a boat. Thanks, Greg

    2. Stealth Pro Vs regular pontoon: the stealth pro is 1/2 the weight, quicker set up time, slightly larger storage capacity and easier method of adding attachments (IGS system).

      Stealth Pro Vs Scadden Dragonfly: two very different rigs. Raft with floor Vs open water. dry ride Vs wet ride. no need for waders Vs needing waders. Dragon fly will have more wind drift, is larger, heavier, more setup time. But serves a very different purpose.

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