Jan 6, 2016

G.Loomis NRX Fly Rods - Sales Event - Changes for 2016

It's a good time to be a G.Loomis fan.

Never before has there been a sale on NRX Fly and Spey rods. 

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Since conception the G. Loomis NRX is one serious rod to contend with! Other manufacturers scrambled to come up with a design to match the performance and durability of the NRX and most contenders have yet to equal the abilities of this Nano Resin creation.
NRX Fly and Spey Rods

The original color Stealth Matte Black with Blue wraps identified with the bold power the NRX is capable of while the next year came the second color of Evergreen with Green wraps which defines the gentle forgiving nature of the Nano Resin Technology.

Both colors deserve the right to adorn the NRX. Countless inquiries about what one color is the proper choice only led all discussion into a stalemate stance.

So what is the right color choice? Sometimes the obvious answer is not in our own opinions but better matched to the environment in which we place the subject in. Since the NRX line of rods spans the anglers needs from lite presentation trout streams to the explosive power of unforgiving saltwater beast such as tarpon and Permit it was concluded that no one color could properly identify across the board spectrum.

For 2016 the choice was made to establish color identification to the NRX family of fly rods. The NRX Trout, Trout LP, Trout Nymph, Salmon/Steelhead and Two Hand Spey will acquire the Evergreen color while the Saltwater and Saltwater Pro-1 NRX fly rods with be identified with Matte Black / Blue Wraps.

We believe a wise choice has come about that in the end helps everyone. The angler will better understand the thought behind each individual rod, the dealer will see improved availability and G.Loomis will see a more streamline manufacturing that will allow time for future innovations.

With this change comes some inventory that needs to be cleared. Here is a list of models and colors that are affected...

  • NRX Lite Presentation - All Matte Black w/Blue Wraps
  • NRX Trout - All Matte Black w/Blue Wraps
  • NRX Nymph - All Matte Black wBlue Wraps
  • NRX Salmon / Steelhead - All Matte Black w/Blue Wraps
  • NRX Two Hand Spey - All Matte Black w/Blue Wraps
  • NRX Salt - All Evergreen w/Green Wraps
  • NRX Salt Pro 1 - All Evergreen w/Green Wraps

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