Oct 10, 2013

Apocalypse Now: When Zombies Attack!

Original Photo Credit to: Loren VanWagner - Edited by: Mike Prine

From the dysfunctional minds of the Gorge Fly Shop and the liking's of “Gink and Gasoline” we bring you a special Fly Fishing Zombie Edition post just in time for Halloween and your Christmas shopping consideration. 

The Gorge Fly Shop is ready! Are you?

Invasion of another kind
Zombies of epic proportions have invaded screens all across the globe, from adolescent pre-teens to moms and dads alike, zombie flicks continue to capture the minds of our fellow friends and family.

Gorge Fly Shop Staff: Greg Darling
A Zombified Greg Darling?

Case in Point

I can’t even talk to my mother-in-law without hearing the words Walking Dead, not to mention my 4 year old nephew talks about “zombie chickens” like its a new cartoon. I don’t know if I should be more concerned or scared...

Most of us one time or another have thought about a zombie invasion, If you haven’t you may want to reconsider and plan accordingly. In the unlikely event zombies one day storm the streets, survival will be key. We could spend an entire chapter on survival covering weapons, tactics and self defense, but we’re fly casters - We Fish! We specialize in the right gear for any fly fishing situation. Let’s assume you manage to escape and get the hell outta Dodge. How would you survive the end of days and more importantly, what gear would you take? Consider this your official/un-official Zombie Fly Fishing Guide.


  1. DON'T GET BIT: Avoid shady characters. If you live in the city, this may be difficult.
  2. PACK LIGHTBe ready to travel at a moments notice.
  3. Don’t Forget RULE #1 (Stretch each morning, it might be a running day!)
  4. Take Care of your Gear: Assume warranties are null and void, or at least the return time could be a killer (consider a rod tube).
  5. Flotation Device: Find a sail boat or non-motorized flotation device. This will be key to great fishing waters and a good nights rest.
  6. Always BE READY!

Lets go Fly Fishing!

In a post apocalyptic world, a good fly fishing outfit will be a must. Lets call it a Zombie Outfit!
We know what we would carry, we have the perfect outfit in mind, but before we indulge our gear of choice we asked the boys over at Gink and Gasoline what they would carry. Would they have the right gear to survive?

Gink and Gasoline
New to our articles and some of the inspiration behind this madness are the boys at G & G, Kent and Louis. Now if you happen to read Gink and Gasoline's Zombie post from last year they make mention to raid their local fly shop for all their fly fishing needs, but what exactly will be their go to Zombie Outfit and how do they plan to survive?

Hear what they have to say in their own words. When asked:

Q: Who would you take with you?
A: Gink (Kent) & Gasoline (Louis) would travel together at all times and we'd of course have to bring our families. If we could we'd bring some of our side kick friends like Charlie Murphy (fly fishing jedi and veteran medical nurse) and Erik Ashlin (off the grid survivalist/gun guru and champion fly fishing caster).

Q: Drink of Choice?
A: Drink of choice would have to be moonshine. One of our crew members has the recipe and has proven the means to make it himself already. It packs one hell of a buzz in small amounts, can be used for molotov cocktails for defense, and is equally valuable for bartering with. Of course we'd have to also carry with us a large stash of coffee beans, because Louis can't function at all without his daily caffeine fix.

Q: Gear of Choice?
A: For our fly rod and reel gear of choice, it would have to be something versatile like a 8wt combo good for small and big species and the reel would have to be saltwater friendly in the off chance we ended up on an island and didn't have the ability to thoroughly clean our gear with freshwater easily. I'd go with a 9' 4 piece 8wt Thomas & Thomas Helix Fly Rod and a Nautilus NV 8/9 Reel loaded with power pro backing and a floating fly line.

Q: A place to call home?
A: As for a location to fish and hunker down that is a tough one. I'd prefer to stay around the southeast where we're familiar with our terrain and have shelter and mainstay goods and equipment. However, I understand that might not be feasibly during a full-blown zombie outbreak. In that case, we'd all cast a vote and probably end up either heading into the mountains of VA where's there's low population and plenty of WMA's loaded with rivers, lakes and streams or we'd find a saltwater island big enough to find a freshwater source and loaded with fish packed flats that are wadeable.

In a Blaze of Glory:
So what will the GFS team be doing when the gut’s hit the fan and the biters ingulf the globe in a un-holy blaze? For starters barricading the windows, hardening the doors and securing the goods at the Gorge Fly Shop. All in preparedness to ride out the end of days and plan our escape, from rods and reels to wading boots, all down to the last fly. During this time expect the shop to be closed for a remodel. I wouldn’t expect any freebies or free shipping and don’t get any bright ideas either, some of the boys are not only great fisherman but avid hunters as well... What does this mean for you? Sound like a Zombie, walk like a Zombie and you’ll find out...

Excess Baggage: Rule #2
We mentioned packing lite. This rule holds true in just about every fly fishing scenario (See Rule #3). In our case we need a pack that serves more than one purpose, lite weight, functional, durable, easy to carry and accessible.

Simms Dry Creek Roller
This back will hold all your tools and accessories, with 1,365 cubic inches and well placed access points make it simple to find your gear, and easily add-on to your Dry Creek and Headwaters packs when needed.

A few noted features:
  • 420 Denier, double-coated polyurethane nylon shell, 210 Denier lining
  • Water-tight roll-top with side buckle closure
  • Fully adjustable aeromesh padded shoulder straps and lumbar back support

For those who need more room for your gear and don’t plan on much running…

G. Loomis Cargo Roller Bag
G. Loomis Cargo Roller
This cargo bag truly does safely carry an entire trips worth of gear, made with durable materials and over-sized buckles and zippers for ease of handling. Split-zip bottom with wet/dry side pockets and double top handle for handling ease.

Strong Box!
Don’t forget Rule #4. If you haven’t already done so, acquire a strong box for your flies and a rod tube for your rods. With fly material and tying equipment not always available you’ll need a good fly box to keep your “Fly Arsenal” safe and ready for combat. Nothing worse than damaged goods.

Fly Arsenal Includes 6 of some of our top favorites, our go to flies.
  1. Green Butt Skunk
  2. Hale Bopp Leech (Black)
  3. Thin Mint
  4. Hares Ear Bead Head
  5. Parachute Adams
  6. Larimer's Loop Leech - Black/Chartruese 

Plotting your escape route yet? In need of that perfect Zombie Outfit? Are you ill prepared? We suggest you acquire your gear today while the gettin' is good and the customer support is still alive, or human at least.

Zombie + Outfit = READY!
Every fly caster has his or her own pride and joy, that rod and reel/line thought to be the perfect weapon, or at least on your wish list you do. Our Zombie Outfit isn't any different, It wasn't conceived only to fly fish in the event of a zombie forecast. It’s a Go-To package designed for ever-ready casters. It's meant to be fished! 

G. Loomis Pro4x Switch
Outfit #1: G. Loomis Pro4x switch 7110-4 Fly Rod Outfit
For those "new-to-the-sport" and intermediate flyfishers will learn to appreciate and expert anglers will wonder how this much performance gets packed into such an affordable package. A new taper design along with a noticeable weight-reduction in the upper half of the blank allows this fly rod to be incredibly light, recovers quickly and casts with unbelievable precision. [Full Zombie Outfit Package]

Abel Switch Reel in Black
The perfect instrument for the Pacific Northwest steelheading or classic Atlantic Salmon. To meet the demand of steelhead, salmon and other big water anglers using Spey Techniques, Abel came up with the definite tool: The Abel Spey Reel. We recommend black to avoid any glare, you wouldn't want any unwanted attention. Matched with the Skagit Max Short Head (425 gr.) and a Rio MOW kit medium, this will round out our first outfit.

Sage Bass II 7' 11"
Outfit #2: Sage Bass II 7'11" Smallmouth 290 gr. Fly Rod Outfit
This rod truly does pack a punch, everything from explosive smallmouth in their river lairs, to voracious snook and tarpon stealthfully pulled from the mangroves on your kayak. [Full Zombie Outfit Package]

Nautilus 7/8 FWX Reel in Black
Trout to Bonefish. Fresh Water Light, Salt Water Safe! A go to reel for any angler and when packaged with a Rio Outbound wf8 fly line, your unofficially ready for combat.

If your not in the market for a full Zombie Outfit and are considering a warmer climate rod...
G. Loomis NRX Saltwater 9' 7 Weight fly rod is a good choice. The NRX is where fly rods begin the cross-over from fresh to saltwater. This dynamic "tweener" is a great choice for almost any of the popular saltwater flats species. Looking for a small steelhead rod or a great pond rod for big largemouth? Ditto! NRX makes it so light and so powerful it will surprise you! It's totally capable of handling oversized surprises, no matter where you're fishing.
Photo credit: the World Wide Web.

Zombie Free Fly Fishing Zone
In search of safer waters, good friend Jerry Swanson and travel expert suggests we head south to tropical waters of the Bahamas, where the fishing is good and the bodies are warm. Sounds Good!

Travel Guru and GFS contributor Charlie Chambers suggests packing a medical kit, also noted in his travel article are other worthy travel tips, so if you wish to cross any destinations off on your bucket list before its too late we suggest you take a look. Phone chargers and hair dryers may not be needed in a post apocalyptic world. So you better plan your vacations sooner rather than later and keep up on your vaccinations.

My Captain, My Captain, to the Sail boat - Rule #5:
Simms Flask
Although, for a cool million we’ll reserve your spot on the “SS Minnow” or as we like to call it, SS Duddles. Remember: Pack lite, be sure to bring your birthday suit and adequate amounts of Simms Sun Screen. This will be a BYOB voyage so grab your favorite flask or trusty bottle openerfishing destinations will be scheduled along the way. We only have a few spots available so be sure to send that non refundable cashiers check to reserve your spot today. Cash flow a problem? In need of something a bit smaller? Maybe you plan to escape via river… We offer a variety of different boats suitable for lakes and rivers. Don’t forget your K-Pump, or the last breath you take just might be your last.
Free Shipping on all U.S. orders over $50.00 and $500 Internationally.

So what does all this madness amount to? Free shipping if you order before an apocalypse, don’t be left expediting shipping or you may end up gnawing on your neighbors bone. With that said, consider what gear you do have and think about the perfect go to rod outfit that best suites you. Rule #6: Be ready for any fly fishing scenario, you never know where that next cast may take you...

Happy Halloween and Safe Fishing from the Gorge Fly Shop Team
Article by: Mike Prine 
Gear Recommendations: Greg Darling
Fly List: Travis Duddles

"Fly Fish the World with Us"

Low on Cash? Need that Perfect Gift for the Wife or Girlfriend? Or maybe you just need that perfect Man Gift... Submit your photos to enter to Win Big in our First ever Gorge Fly Shop: Casting for Recovery Photo Contest.

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