Sep 12, 2013

New 2014: WaterWorks Lamson LiteSpeed IV

The Lamson Litespeed has been a top selling reel since introduction long ago. Lamson has done a great job making sure that this gem of a reel has kept up with modern technology along the way. Introducing for 2014 is the generation IV edition litespeed. Following the trend of less is more concept the new Litespeed IV is lighter yet than the previous model. In the picture you can see the curved spool geometry for the backing storage. These reels really do spool backing better than traditional flat spools.

WaterWorks Lamson LiteSpeed IV
Notice the retrieve knob has been moved inward a small amount. This allows for a quicker retrieval rate. Not new to gen IV litespeed but if you look close you can see the counterbalance machined into the rim of the spool eliminating the need for an added weight attached to the reel.

WaterWorks Lamson LiteSpeed IV: Retrieve Knob

Another noted change is a more aggressive drag knob. I often adjust drag during a fight of a fish on and nothing is more distracting than not being able to operate the drag without looking at it. This appears to be a non-issue on the Gen IV Litespeed.

Gen IV Litespeed
Small refinements is what has made the Litespeed an automatic winner in the past and the tradition is being carried on into the future with the New Gen IV.

The 2# size is available now and the rest of the sizes will fill in during October 2013 (Available for Pre-Order Now). If you’re in the area stop in and say hi and ask to put your hands on one of New WaterWorks-Lamson Litespeed legendary reels. You’ll be amazed at how “Lite” a reel can be.

Greg Darling  - The Tormented Angler
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