Aug 30, 2012

Redington's New Form Game Rod

Redington Form Game Rod

If you are like me, you don’t practice your casting enough. I’ve been doing it for a while, but there’s always some tightening or some fine-tuning to work on. However, when I’m sitting around the house, the last thing I reach for is my fly rod and reel. After all, the rod is tucked away in a tube and my reel is hidden in one of my gear bags and furthermore, my yard isn’t quite big enough to cast. I could put everything together and go out on the street, but then I might end up damaging my fly line or dodging traffic. I guess the park isn’t too far away… I could do that. Or I could just go down to the river and practice there, but then I just end up looking for fish and I start concentrating more on every other part of the fishing spectrum rather than the part that might need the most attention. Often, when there is a fish waiting for your fly, it can be pretty tough to focus on mechanics. I’d love for my cast to just naturally cast exactly how it needs to cast every time I’m out looking for fish. But that takes a bunch of practice.

The new practice rod from Redington, The Form Game Rod, will help you get tuned up. At a little over four feet in length, it’s small enough to lean in any corner of the house or the office. The line just lives on the rod and can be conveniently snatched up at anytime. If you want to tote it somewhere – maybe throw it in your gear bag or some luggage – it breaks down into two pieces and comes with its own storage case.

Perhaps what most separates this practice rod from the rest is the fact that it comes with its own custom tapered Rio fly line that is appropriately weighted for the rod. It’s just a shortened version of your everyday setup. At the IFTD show in Reno, I got a chance to cast the Form Rod and I was pleasantly surprised at how real it felt. I shot a quick short of George having some fun and explaining the whole thing as he demonstrated some accuracy casting and its benefits for everyday use. It wasn’t long before I started picturing this thing in offices, and backyards around the country.

Oh, it also comes with a booklet touting games that you can try while barbequing with your pals.

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