Apr 17, 2012

K-Pumps - Best for Float Tubes, Pontoons and Rafts

They give me one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments every time I hold one… K-Pumps. We love them.  Why? Well, they are very, very slick hand pumps for inflating vessels of all sizes.

The nature of these pumps is very similar to how portable bike pumps evolved – one tube, no gangly hose. And, similar to how bike pumps stow easily on bikes, the same is true for K-pumps and boats. Their lightweight, streamlined design makes these pumps extremely portable and a breeze to stow.

The first time I used one, I was amazed at how well they worked given their simplistic nature. Essentially, these pumps have a tube that houses a sliding plunger. By sliding the plunger up and down, air is pushed out the business end. What I like is that you can use these standing upright. You simply point the end of the pump into the valve and start pumping (without having to bend over). They feel good in hand, and they actually move a lot of air with little effort. They also allow folks to apply direct pressure on the valves without worrying about hoses popping free while pumping!

Originally, these were built out of PVC piping, like that of which plumbers and excavators use. They worked, but this material was somewhat brittle and easily damaged. Eventually, K Pump started pouring their own molds and now, all components are built from sturdy, ABS material. Basically, they added durability without compromising their standards for staying lightweight and functional.

There are different models available ranging in sizes from the K-Pump Mini all the way up to the K-400.

While working out of a 14 ft Outcast Pac 1400 raft, I found the K-200 to be the perfect size. The raft was easy to inflate or top-off and then I would strap the pump flat behind the rower’s seat. Furthermore, the carrying bags are pretty nifty - offering up a strap and clip on one end that I would wrap around the frame. Although, I could get away with a smaller pump to inflate my Super Fat Cat Float Tube, the K-200 is not so big as to be cumbersome when I tote it along. Many floaters here in Oregon, as well as around the world, have come to rely solely on the K Pump for all their inflationary needs! You should consider one for yours…

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K-400 will get any fire going

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