Aug 30, 2016

RIO Coastal QuickShooter Fly Line - New for 2017

New for 2017
I hit the water the other day with the New RIO Coastal Quickshooter in a 6 weight size. While I wasn't on any coast the line still has a place in my lake streamer angling vice for freshwater bass and pike. Equipped with a White/Chartreuse Clouser minnow I put it to work. I was a bit concerned about summer air and water temps being a problem for this cool saltwater line but soon that concern was put to rest. The line performed excellent in 70 degree Fahrenheit conditions. 

Mr. Pike found the line to perform to his liking!
I found this line to be a great casters line. What does that mean? While it is no doubt bumped up in size/grains, it performs shooting cast effortlessly and way less clunky than many shooting head lines. Also the intermediate line coating feels very slick and shoots without hesitation.

Typically I'm not a fan of intermediate lines but the Coastal Quickshooter is a refreshing change. I have also acquired the Coastal Quickshooter XP version in a WF8I for further testing. The XP (Extra Power) version is even heavier with more weight in the forward end of the line.


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More about RIO Coastal Quickshooter

Coastal anglers face demanding conditions. Whether pursuing Stripers in the East or Salmon and Sea Run Cutts in the west one thing is for sure, it takes real gear and real commitment. Big flies, long cast, cold water and wind are the regular conditions faced with these great fisheries. 

RIO’s new Coastal QuickShooter features a clear intermediate head specifically designed for anglers fishing off the coast in cooler conditions. The short front taper has no problem turning over large baitfish and shrimp patterns in typical coastal winds, and the short, easy-casting head helps load the rod quickly at close range. Available in WF5I-WF8I.

In addition...
A powerful Coastal QuickShooter XP (Extra Powerful) version with a heavily weighted head, and an aggressive front taper is perfect for casting large flies, and ideal for the striped bass angler. This line is available in WF8I-WF10I sizes

All lines are available August 2016 for $79.95.

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