Jul 6, 2016

Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey - New for 2017

Hydrogen Trout Spey

Hydrogen Trout rods hit the market last year and were praised for being so lightweight and perform so well. With Trout Spey really taking off it only makes sense to pour some of that technology over and build a great two hand trout rod. The Hydrogen Trout Spey features a medium-fast action with emphasis place on improved rod tracking for pinpoint accuracy. Finished out with a down-locking reel seat for balance and zirconia stripping guides for improved freeze condition performance. 

Retail $349.95 - Expected to arrive after August 1st, 2016
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  1. I'm quite torn between a 2wt and 3wt. Can you draw a comparison? Personally I'm targeting 10-20" trout (12" being the norm) in rivers, and bluegill, perch, 1lb bass in lakes.

    1. Christopher, Thank you for asking. From the information you gave me I think the 2wt is your stick. For the fish you are targeting the only reason I could recommend a 3 wt is if you fish above average size flies and/or sink tips and even with that said the 2wt will easily throw 10' of T-8 with a skagit head. In comparison to single hand rod specs think of the 2wt spey as a 4/5 and 3wt spey as a 5/6. Bluegill, Bass and Perch sounds like fun on spey. Best, Greg


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