Sep 7, 2015

Columbia Gorge Fishing Report (September 7th)

A great evening on the Klickitat
Fishing Report

For this week’s fishing report, we have a guest contributor.  Sam Sickles of gave us an update on Saturday. 

The Klickitat is really starting to turn on too.  Chinook are now piling into the river and the meat crowd should be showing up in full force rather quickly.  The steelheading is really becoming more consistent every day and we are shaping up to have a great fall. 

Hailey had a great evening fishing on the Klickitat on Saturday, swinging flies on a dry line with her new Sage ONE and Lamson Litespeed.  She swung up a dozen trout, including a couple of really nice ones.  What a way to break in that new rod and reel. 

For the Deschutes, see the screenshot…  Clarity has dramatically improved from the White and dry line fishing is happening.  See you out there.

Drano Lake has been great for steelhead and fair for Chinook.  Fishing should dramatically pick up for salmon this week as numbers are skyrocketing.  Traditionally, we peak out around this week for Fall Chinook numbers through Bonneville, and with falling river temps, the bite should really turn on quickly. 

We have heard very few reports on the trout fishing lately, but I would bet that it is improving nearly everywhere.  The lower river temps should really get bugs hatching and the fish biting.  I would love to be able to head over to the Metolius this month, as the fishing is at its best there in September and October.  Mahogany Dun Mayflies should be hatching on rivers, and trout love them.  Caddis hatches in the evening are also bringing trout up to the surface. 

Lost Lake has still been fishing really well.  It has been one of the bright spots to holdup this summer during the heat.  Laurence Lake has been great too.  The level in either lake never got too low and fishing has been really good.  Remember, targeting bull trout in Laurence Lake is prohibited. No reasonable fisherman would be able to argue that an 8wt and a six inch rainbow trout pattern are appropriate gear for catching the 12 inch average rainbow trout that reside in the lake. 

As always, we are happy to talk fishing any time.  Give us a call if you have any specific questions on local rivers, gear, and tactics, or if you just want some encouragement to get out of the office.  

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