Jul 9, 2014

Sage Method Vs. anything you got!

Sage Method Rods
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Someone asked recently what fly rods do I like? I paused for a moment in thought and truthfully replied with "I like all fly rods." Being with a group of fly fishers a low grumble came out and one angler said of course you would say that being in a retail business and all.

Sometimes I'm just plain too honest! Had the question been what rods do you like to fish with the answer would be wildly different. I do like all fly rods but I chose rods that fit my style of fishing and my casting personality. While there is a time and place for slow to moderate action rods I find most of my fishing has me reaching for a magnum stick and I find great pleasure tuning my stroke into a perfect cast of power and speed.

The Sage Method has my respect, for good reasons!

Sage Method Rods

Why you ask?!

Many reasons come to mind but I feel the most profound reason of all is the lightning fast speed coupled with the most intuitive feeling rod I have ever put in my hand.

Power is useless unless one can harness it. Finding the right combination of speed and control equals the eternal quest for the perfect rod. In short if you can harness it you can cast it.

Gorge Fly Shop: Sage Method Rods
I don't know technically what makes this rod so different. My impression from the first cast was this is not as fast as I expected. But I was fooled by the feel. As I have spent much more time becoming intimate with my beautiful red mistress I have come to realize it's much faster than previously determined. Carefully watching the tip and the speed of the line during the cast has revealed a true magnum.

Sage RodsRed is the appropriate color to dress her in and if the look doesn't raise a brow than you should check your pulse. Trust me when I say give it a swing and fear not intimidation for this lady possesses grace. I'm laughing as I write this realizing I have never applied a gender to any of my fly rods yet I find myself wanting to describe the Method as a gorgeous woman in a beautiful red dress leaving you mesmerized and unable to look away.

Feed her the right line

No need to over-line the method but don't expect a good response from a trout line either.
Rio Grand will take care of the lighter rods. Streamers will fly on the 6 and 7 weights with a Rio Streamer Tip. Rio Bonefish Quickshooter loads the 7 and 8 weights perfectly. Rio Power Fly will please the big rod freshwater angler and the Rio Tarpon line will take on the silver salt species. Rio Outbound Lines are also a great choice with many possible sizes and densities to match any fly anglers needs.

Speed, power and grace combined with beautifully pleasing aesthetics all come together to create one extraordinarily series of fly rods.

Give her your hand and take her for a swing. She will not disappoint!

Greg Darling

Gorge Fly Shop Internet Sales Manager | Product Specialist

"Fly Fish the World with Us"

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  1. Just back from 2 weeks on C.I.and a mate took his new 7wt.Method.When I finally managed to prise it from his grip I have to say it blew me away with it's authority in the windy conditions..this is a serious contender for best 7wt.flats rod out there .Best lines in the salt are the 7wt.Rio Redfish and Bonefish.Sage has built another winner!


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