Jul 11, 2014

Gabe Hooks Up Summer Steelhead on the Deschutes

Just add water

I got a phone call from Gabe the other day. 

Talking to Gabe is like an “Up to the minute” fishing report. Whether the report is good or bad you always know he put up a great effort and he never defeats himself. He is observant and thorough and never waivers no matter how many hours go by. 

Here are the details 

Q. What time did you get up?

Gabe – I had an alarm set for 3:30 am and intended to get up to go fishing with my buddy Dan. Well I think I must have slept through my alarm. Didn't wake up till 6:00 am. Sorry Dan! At 6 am Sam sent me a text of the river conditions. Looks good…do you want to go? Gabe replies “yeah!!!”

Q. What did you have for breakfast?

Gabe – Met up with Sam at 6:30 am and had a bowl of yogurt on the drive to the river. Our plan is to launch the jet boat at the mouth and head upriver and cherry pick some runs. It’s the perfect conditions to swing flies and no one is on the river.

Q. What where the conditions?

Gabe – Sunny with a high of 85 degrees. Water was clear and water temp was 61 degrees

Q. Report?

Gabe - First run was a small run. I didn't touch a fish but Sam hooked up a nice fish on a dry fly. It wasn't hooked for long and he threw the hook but it was an awesome take.

Second run a Steelhead slammed my fly but it let go before he turned with it. I worked a couple more steps downriver and BAM! He took off peeling drag all the way to backing before I could get him turned. Lots of give and take before we got him to hand.

Gabe with a July Deshutes Summer Run Steelie

On to another run---no hook ups

Another run---got a strong grab. 

Sam hooked up in that run and landed this nice fish!

Sam Sickles of Steelhead Outfitter Guide Service

Q. What was your gear?

Gabe – Sage One 7126-4 with a Sage 3800 Blaze Orange reel. I’m loaded with an Airflo Skagit Switch 510 Grain and 10 feet of T-8 sink tip. My fly was a hand tied orange marabou tube fly. The action was to just get the fly swinging in tension and hold on! We got a couple more grabs that day but I didn't hook up any more. We fished another run and Sam had a fish almost yank the rod out of his hand. Didn't hook up but it was the hardest take of the year so far Sam said.

Q. Conclusion?

Gabe- Hungry and thirsty we headed toward home. Loaded up our gear and stopped at Big Jim's Drive-in The Dalles for a burger and shake. Back home by late afternoon.

Q. Then what?

Gabe – I went bass fishing in the local pond and caught a couple largemouth.

No fish is safe!

Q. What future fishing plans are in place?

Gabe – Not many plans except to fish locally every day I can. I will be going to the Umpqua River later in august for a couple days of floating and Smallmouth fishing. The water is clear and fishing for them is pretty technical but well worth it.

Gabe is about to turn 16 years old. I remember being that age and I never hesitated to take an offer to go fishing. If no offers came I would walk miles to get to water to fish. Just like with Gabe my highest priority was fishing, Period!

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