Jun 17, 2014

Morrison Files (File #061714)

Christmas Island
Hi Lyndsey,

Well we're back from trip #2 to Christmas Island. Here are a few pictures that Jeanette forwarded to me.

Fit for a Queen

The trip as a whole was way better than the first one, I think we just knew what to expect and could also spot the fish much easier this time. Another thing, the first time we were there they were in the middle of a two year drought, I think it's over. It rained so hard that it was just waterfalls coming off roofs. That was at night, during the day when we were out on the flats you could see it coming from miles away and when it hit it just poured. Even with that the fishing was really pretty good. We were catching anywhere from 15 to 25 bones per day along with all the other aquarium type of fish. I had two great shot at big GT's and both times I must have gotten buck fever and instead of pulling the
fly line to set the hook I would raise the rod like I was fishing for trout or salmon and remove the hook from its mouth. Tom, a close friend that was with us caught one that was something over 50#'s, a really nice fish. There were four of us from the US and six from Australia, great folks and it just made the trip that much more fun.

All Smiles

Next week Jeanette and I are going down to fish the McKenzie river for a couple of days and a week from Saturday Craig, our son, and I are going back to the Waterfall Resort on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska. The magazine guys we know have invited us to go back again this year and we both felt it be rude to say no. It isn't fly fishing but on this trip it doesn't matter because it's a chance to catch some big kings, halibut and other bottom fish.

I didn't mean to drag this on like this but now you know it all. Hope
all is well and business is good. 

I'll talk to you later,

"Fly Fish the World with Us"

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