Mar 11, 2014

Scientific Anglers New Sharkwave Fly Lines

The World’s First Triple-Textured Fly Line

The Development of the SharkWave
When we introduced the Sharkskin™ family of lines in 2007, they weren't simply the latest in a
long line of high-quality innovations. The Sharkskin created an entirely new category of product:
textured fly lines. These lines, developed and manufactured at the Scientific Anglers facility in
Midland, Michigan, represented one of the most interesting and groundbreaking evolutions in
the history of fly line technology.

The benefits of the textured lines were numerous: increased surface area allowed the lines to
sit higher in the water, offering less drag, easier mending, less water spray, and easier pick-ups;
the micro-textured surface trapped air to provide increases in both shootability and flotation—all
while decreasing friction; and the microreplicated pattern increased the durability of the lines,
allowing them to last up to twice as long.

Using what we learned while developing the Sharkskin, we developed the Mastery
Textured series. These lines took the high points of the Sharkskin technology and combined
them with the easy feel of traditional, smooth fly lines, resulting in a textured line that performs
like the Sharkskin, but feels smoother to the touch.

Then something struck us: Let’s take the best parts of the Sharkskin, combine it with the
Mastery Textured series, and see what happens.

The result? Meet the SharkWave, the world’s first Triple-Textured fly line. 

Featuring - 
  • Sharkskin texture on the tip section
  • Mastery Textured divots for the belly and running line
  • SmoothTactile Reference Point at the AFTMA 30-foot mark
  • SA•ID line identification
  • AST dry slick technology
  • Improved Dry Tip technology
  • Streamlined Loops
It’s fishing. Friction-free.


Sharkskin is a radical modification of typically smooth-surfaced
fly lines. Featuring our proprietary microreplication technology,
the Sharkskin surface traps air to provide superior shootability,
flotation, and durability.

The Mastery Texture fuses our traditional Mastery series lines
with Sharkskin texturing, providing all the benefits and performance of the Sharkskin technology with the smoother feel of a
traditional fly line.

As a result of the lab’s mission to continually improve our lines,
we bring you SA•ID. This innovative line-marking system allows
you to identify your lines at a glance. Each SA•ID can be found
within the first two feet on the tip section of the line.

Utilizing a unique blend of proprietary microballoons, we’ve
developed a fly line tip section that floats twice as high as
a standard line, meaning less drag on pickups and far fewer
sunken leaders.

Our patented dry slick technology continues to set the standard
for line slickness. The AST formula allows lines to shed
dirt, cast farther, float higher, and stay cleaner than traditional

Exceptionally slick and strong, our welded Streamlined Loops
produce smoother casts and easier turnover with a seamless
fly-line-to-loop transition that results in softer landings and
cleaner pickups.

The Tactile Reference Point is a 30-inch non-embossed section
of line at the AFTMA 30-foot mark, allowing casters to feel—
and hear—the transition from our textured technologies.

Improved Dry Tip Technology

Electron microscope image at 100 microns

What exactly are microballoons? Microscopic beads filled with
air or gas that are mixed with PVC. This lowers the density of
the fly line, helping it to float higher on the water.

Flotation and Contact Angle

Measuring the contact angle of a line as it sits on the water
helps determine how buoyant the line is. SharkWave lines have
contact angles well above 110°, meaning they float higher than
traditional lines.



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