Mar 6, 2014

Get out and fish: Make an Adventure you Won't Forget

"Funny how a melody sounds like a memory. Like a soundtrack to a July Saturday night" EC
Secrets in the Sauce
There's something special about growing up in small towns or at least traveling to them. Maybe its the mom and pop diners that serve the best chicken fried steak you ever had, or that dive bar with the animal heads mounted proudly and it just so happens, they serve a mean steak and a killer bacon burger. Or maybe it's the brick and mortar fly shop you always stop by just to say hi, pick up a few flies and check whats new. Either way, we all have our favorite places to travel, places to eat and stretches of river we find our self longing to get back to.

Adventure Starts Here
The adventure of finding these new places, small towns to hunt, camp and fish really sparks my interest. I enjoy nothing better than traveling an unbeaten path on foot or with the top down on the ol' Jeep. Whenever I re-capture that feeling, I grab hold with full swing.

So what moves you? A particular fly. A rod. A river?
We all have special memories we like to hold near and dear to our hearts for safe keeping... I'll tell you the zip code where I chased the biggest buck, but good luck finding the same spot. For many, the fly used on that memorable day... your mojo or secret sauce might be tucked away in a fly box and remains a secret to this day, but whats the story?

Travel the unbeaten path
We invite you to tell us your story, give us an adventure we'll never forget. If names of rivers or towns are too important to disclose, leave them out of the story or change their names to protect their identity. We want to hear the story, not publicize and make it a destination listing. If you don't have a story to tell, go find one this year. If not for us than for yourself. Travel the unbeaten path...

From the Oregon Coast to the Columbia, the John Day to the Deschutes and everything in between we call these our home waters. Mid-March, Greg and I team up and head southeast to the San Juan River for some fishing below Navajo Dam near Aztec, New Mexico. With a little luck we'll remember to turn the camera on; capture some memorable grabs, test some worthy product, eat a killer burger or two and taste some flavorful bourbon. Not necessarily in that order or on camera. Upon our return we hope to provide you with video worth watching and a story worth reading. We don't know exactly what we'll encounter, but that's half the fun and most of the adventure, but we promise you this: It will be our adventure, our story. We hope you make your next fly fishing experience an adventure you wont forget.

Article by: Mike Prine
Gorge Fly Shop

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