Jan 27, 2014

Miracle Braid Review

I recently picked up some AirfloMiracle Braid Running Line for my winter spey outfit. I had been using Rio Gripshooter 50# flat mono with no complaints, but wanted to try something different for a while, and am now considering a permanent change.

This line shoots very well through the guides, which is the most important quality of a running line. The braided material is easy to handle, it doesn't slip through the fingers easily, and the .032” diameter is a good size for cold days when numb fingers can have trouble holding onto small line. Also, it tangles less than flat mono, which has been known to knot-up occasionally. Overall, this is a great alternative for guys that have been using a more traditional coated running line like RioPowerflex Shooting Line or Airflo Ridge Running lines and are looking for something a little different.

In my experience with this line so far, I have noticed two drawbacks to a braided running line. The first is that they (both Airflo Miracle Braid and Scientific Angler’s Braided PE) have no welded loops on either end. You have to make your own loops to connect to the backing and/or spey head. While this is inconvenient, some of us geeky fishermen love the opportunity to practice our knot skills. Another drawback with this line is that it is loud when it goes through the guides, similar to S/A Sharkskin Running Line. These are minor inconveniences that are easy to deal with, especially because the functionality is so good. I am going to keep this running line on my reel for a while and hopefully get to battle some chrome winter Steelhead with it soon. 

Andrew Perrault
Gorge Fly Shop

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  1. you can also make a nice blind splice with a .011 guitar string folded in half ,I splice 8 to 10" and has never slipped with a loop large enough for 525 skagit , no glue no whips love this stuff....


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