Dec 10, 2013

Flyvines Review: New Product

Product: Flyvines – Recycled Fly Line Accessories

Sunglass Retainer
About Flyvines: Flyvines are an innovative and unique solution to fly fishing’s chief environmental hindrance: fly line. Based out of Missoula, Montana, we recycle used fly line to create lanyards, bracelets, key chains, retainers for sunglasses, and other fly fishing accessories. Each product is hand-braided, using a pattern we developed over long Montana winters and while enduring muddy run-offs. As such, each piece is one-of-a-kind.
Flyvines has quickly become the go-to lanyard among fishing guides and hard-core anglers not only because each Flyvines lanyard is stylish and environmentally friendly, but also because each is finished with a break-away washer, which keeps all gear at the ready, but safely splits apart in an emergency.
Look closely at rivers such as the Missouri and Bighorn and you will see the most dedicated anglers on the river donning Flyvines lanyards. Minimalists will keep just their floatant and hemostats handy, while gear-heads will string their lanyards with tippets, split-shot, and sometimes, enough tackle to fill a small fly shop! Whatever the angler chooses to let it carry, the Flyvines lanyard will be ready for the task.

Buy Flyvines products -- you’ll be accessorizing with style while upcycling a product that would otherwise negatively impact the environment.

Flyvines: Gorge Fly Shop

We at the Gorge Fly Shop like the idea of Flyvines. Function meets fashion and fun. We like the idea of Flyvines for the first time, I had to check them out. I even ordered 3 Flyvines bracelets for myself and my kids before I ever started working at the Gorge Fly Shop. Kids love bracelets and my kids are always wearing theirs. As you can see in the picture below where I am sporting one of a few Flyvine Bracelets that I own, I can neither confirm nor deny that there might be a little mojo that goes along with wearing a recycled Flyvine. Flyvines come in a variety of color combinations (see photo above) and are a great way to help the environment and let others know your passionate about the sport. Flyvines are a great stocking stuffer or gift idea for young and old alike. Try one or a few and see…if they don’t help you catch more fish…
A beautiful native steelhead tail and a Flyvine recycled fly line bracelet…” – photo John Garrett

John Garrett
Gorge Fly Shop

"Fly Fish the World with Us"

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