Oct 21, 2013

New: Award Winning Nautilus CCF X2

Update: 2/14/2014...I just got the word that the new CCF-x2 size 6/8 has been shipped. Follow the new CCF-x2 from Florida to Oregon...

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The New Nautilus CCF X2 - Available for pre-order purchase

Nautilus CCF X2
Award Winning Nautilus CCF X2  - Photo: Oswaldo Saiki 
Ten years the Nautilus CCF series fly reels have been setting the standard for others to live up to. Its sealed CCF drag has been challenging the industry ever since its induction. The CCF also managed to hold a price category that made it nearly impossible to find a better reel for a better deal. It absolutely was an industry “Game Changer” and still carries high rankings today!

A time for a change is in order even though I hate to see an old friend go...

Coming Soon! The all new CCF-x2 is in the R&D department of the Nautilus factory and coming along quite impressively. I got to see the prototypes at the 2013 I-CAST & IFTD Show. One of the things I noticed right away was while the reel is undergoing an entire facelift is that the CCF X2 is going to remain in the mid price area of performance saltwater reels.

Nautilus CCF X2 - Photo by Gorge Fly Shop
The Prototype Nautilus CCF X2 - Photo by Gorge Fly Shop

Expected early 2014
CCF-x2 Reel Series

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