Aug 12, 2013

The Story behind an Angel (Steelhead Angel Fly)

One dozen Angel flies please...
Celilo: Caring for the Mind, Body and Spirit

My wife, Angelique Garrett and her Mama, Rosalie Stavaas were featured in a cancer survivor add for Celio Treatment center, my wife was gearing up to join me in my guide service business before cancer struck. We had bought a second drift boat and she was excited about joining me. Then chemo, radiation and several surgeries wouldn't allow her to do the job...she's an amazing woman who loves life and her family - she is a survivor!

I created a fly to help promote "Casting for Recovery" through The Gorge Fly Shop. CFR is a breast cancer support group which uses fly fishing RETREATS to help heal sufferers both mentally and physically.

"Angel Girl" Steelhead flies (named after my wife Angelique, who is a breast cancer survivor) and specifically designed to represent CFR. - JG

Gorge Fly Shop: Casting for Recovery Photo Contest
John has agreed to ty up a batch of these limited special edition Agnel Girl Steelhead flies. One batch will be one of the prizes offered in our very own Casting for Recovery Photo Contest, be sure to submit your photos to the Gorge Fly Shop Webmaster and another is being donated to Casting for Recovery's online Fall Auction.

Casting for Recovery Online Auction
Every year Casting for Recovery has at least two online auctions to raise money for CFR. This year you will find a box of 12 Angel Girl Steelhead flies tucked away in a Gorge Fly Shop box up for grabs. We hope it does well but we wish a Gorge Fly Shop fan takes home the prize. If you don't get a chance at the Angel Girl Flies there will be lots of other items to choose from, not all of it is fly fishing gear.

Auction Dates will be announced late September

Go Pink!
"Fly Fish the World with Us"
Win Cool Prizes, Submit your photos.
Gorge Fly Shop: Casting for Recovery Photo Contest

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