Aug 31, 2013

Gabes Review: Sage ONE 7 weight

Sage ONE 7 weight
I pieced this rod together not really knowing what to expect. The first thing I noticed about this
rod was how light it is. It seemed to be lighter than my four year old 5 weight. I paired it with a
Lamson Velocity reel loaded with a Rio Gold WF7F line. I used it while fishing big streamers for
Sage One
My previous experiences with cast large flies on a single hand rod, was swinging for Steelhead,
before I was introduced to Spey casting. That was too tiring and lots of lead eyes to the
shoulder with a single hand rod. But this rod was so light and has a very nice feeling taper and
plenty of backbone so I never had the issue of sore arm and bruised shoulder.
The only problem I ran into multiple times was running out of room behind me to fully use the
power in the rod to extend my cast even further.

I would highly recommend this rod, whether you’re fishing for Steelhead or stripping for Trout,
this is a great rod.


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