Aug 8, 2013

G. Loomis Pro4x Review

Las Vegas I-Cast / IFTD Show with Steve Rajeff

Pro4x: The Sleeper! This is what comes to mind when I think of the G.Loomis Pro4x series rods. The Pro4x series appeared quietly on the market shortly after the launch of the revolutionary NRX. NO flashy colors or hardware on these rods, just clean, streamlined and ready to fish.

G. Loomis Pro4x
It wasn’t long after the Pro4x hit the market that anglers started to take note of it. Maybe it’s the attractive price point which is exceptional for an all American built Fly Rod. Maybe it has to do with the use of NRX tapers as the design layout for the backbone of this “sleeper”. Whatever it is the word is spreading around and anglers all across the world are adding Pro4x’s to their arsenals.

As a writer for the fishing industry I feel responsible for informing anglers of what is new, great and must have. We are passionate for our sport and with that comes a great deal of appreciation for the craftsmanship and quality of our gear. Just as a much as you count on anglers like myself to evaluate the latest greatest industry offering it is also my responsibility to listen to what anglers are saying. I confess that I didn’t pay much attention to what anglers were saying about the Pro4x. I saw the sales and was impressed. I heard the feedback and it was all good so why did it take so long to pick up a Pro4x. It’s easy in my position to only look at top shelf contenders and dismiss mid-price offerings as inferior products. Even budget minded rods get more evaluation for the purpose of finding the greatest value for our customers. When I fish an NRX or similar price point rod it’s hard to imagine that a rod near half the price might ruffle my interest at all. At this moment while feeling shame for ignoring the middle ground I must apologize to my fellow anglers.

So after spending some time swinging the Pro4x one word resonates over and over in my head...Intuitive! The Pro4x exhibits an intuitive feeling as soon as you throw it in a backcast. That feeling follows right through the forward cast and transmits to your fly. Automatically intuitive so much that there is no learning curve to find tune in this rod. I’m not saying it’s slow or soft! This is a powerful and capable rod. The intuitive feeling comes in the loading of the rod. I can feel this rod absorb the energy on a backcast. This is important because it’s the act of using the stored energy that is available to you in proper timing that can bring forth positive results on the forward cast. While distance is an important factor many rods that can cast great distances often leave out the intuitive feeling needed to successfully fish.

I have cast many rods over many years and in recent time I have really worked on becoming a better caster. I am working toward intuitive casting. I’m confident I can cast any rod presented to me but intuitive rods instantly become a natural fit. Many rods cast just as well when you finally learn the taper of that individual rod but they can leave you with a feeling of “I must conform to the needs of the rod” and intuitive fishing is out the window! Connect with your rod and you will connect with the fish.
I connected with the Pro4x in just one cast...Now that’s Intuitive!

Greg Darling
The Tormented Angler
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