Jun 24, 2013

Sage Rod and Reel Closeout Deals

Sage Closeouts are going quick!  
Sage Fly Rods continue to be at the forefront of advanced technology to further enhance the development their rods. With these new technologies and forward advancements in design, older technologies must go away to make way for the new. The Gorge Fly Shop offers these discontinued Premium fly rods at a discounted price. Rods like the Sage TCX and Sage 99 are a wonderful benefit to our customers and an opportunity to own a Sage fly rod for less than retail that in many cases still exceeds the technology of many other manufacturers current rods.

Sage TCX
The TCX has many names to describe it; Cannon, Rocket and My favorite "The Deathstar”. Sage’s Generation 5 technology came together to build one high octane of a fly rod and in the proper hands incredible distance can be accomplished. While these Fly Rods can cast a fly into next year the savings will be long gone as we closeout our TCX inventory and say goodbye to an old friend forever.

Sage 99
Special design of this rod allows the Nymph angler to cast multi-fly rigs with weight and/or indicators with ease. The mid flex of the 99 opens the fly line loop to prevent tangles and wind knots.

Sage 2050
The 2000 series reel features a high-end drag system similar to 3800CF reels, but unlike the 1600 & 1800 series, the 2000 series has a machined aluminum spool and foot for lighter, stronger performance. This system provides the kind of smooth startup, power and resistance to water and grit that’s usually found only on high-end fly reels.

Get your's before it's too late!

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