Jun 28, 2013

Fly Fishing Report: End of June, 2013

Columbia River:
Oversize sturgeon for the gear guy has been "off tha Hook!" - no pun intended. Ridiculous, I mean the good kind of Ridiculous!

Fly guys...want to try something different? Go out to the mouth of the Klickitat River, or the Hood River, with your heaviest fly rod (not kidding) and a heavy sink tip (like T-17 or T-20) let it sink near the bottom just off the sand bars, with a monstrous marabou fly or cut up washcloth, marinated in shad oil and you won't have to go deep sea fish for "Big Game".

Bass Flies: Gorge Fly Shop
Flies at the Gorge Fly Shop

Hold on for dear life. You have the potential of hooking a legit 150# to over 600# fish, I kid you not! Nothing traditional about this...for perspective, according to fish & wildlife biologist, the average 10' sturgeon in the Bonneville Pool weighs 600 pounds!

Do It!...You know you want to!

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