Jun 21, 2013

Fly Fishing in India for Golden Masheer

Fly Fishing for Golden Masheer

An Adventure in the Wilds of Northern India

The fishing is on a remote river in northern India, close to Nepal—a camping float trip for six days of fishing and seven nights. Before you dismiss the idea, I would like to explain that this is luxury camping with attention to service, guiding, comfort and food. There is typically a two to one ratio of staff to anglers. Fly fishing for Masheer that weigh from three to 30 pounds or more is one reason to travel 12 time zones, but the beauty of the river, the mountains and the people adds extraordinary value to this unique experience.

Just because the Masheer are remote doesn’t mean they are always easy to catch. As with many species the smaller fish are easier than the wise monster ones. Two handed and singled handed rods are used for fly fishing Masheer. Floating and sink tip lines are used with flies ranging from dries to larger baitfish imitations. The fish will move at night providing an added crazy angling experience.

The rate is $4000 per person for the 12-day/11-night itinerary. This is based on two anglers traveling together and sharing a guide. It includes two nights’ accommodation en route each way with first class train travel, all ground transfers during the trip, and all meals and snacks while on the river.

Your host is Misty Dhillon, owner of Himalayan Outback and founder 7 years ago. He is an experienced fly angler and tyer. Chasing Masheer has been a passion of his for many years.  Side trips such as visiting the Jim Corbett Tiger Preserve, Taj Mahal or trekking are add on options.

Whether you are a newer fly angler that wants to fish more water or a seasoned angler that has “been there, done that,” Himalayan Outback has it dialed in. They are eager to show you an amazing fishing experience in an exotic setting.

Contact Jerry Swanson at Fish Head Expeditions for additional info

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