May 31, 2013

Skagit Master 4 - Cracking the Code w/ Tom Larimer

Featuring Tom Larimer: Larimer Outfitters

Join NW Steelhead Legend and Guide Tom Larimer as he returns to his home waters of the Midwest on a quest of Cracking the Code!

I recently had the opportunity to film Skagit Master 4, a two disk DVD on Spey fishing for Great Lakes steelhead. The film follows me on a steelhead road trip included the rivers of Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Being from Wisconsin originally, I guided many of these rivers when I was younger. (A lot younger!) In many ways, my journey felt like a homecoming.

The film dives into how two‐handed fishing has evolved in the Great Lakes since I moved to Oregon in 2001. When I left, there were only a few of us teaching two‐ handed casting and fishing in the region. ‐Things have changed a lot since then.

Ironically, dead drift techniques are the “tradition” in the Midwest. Although anglers have been swinging flies there forever, two‐handed fishing has really caught on in recent years. Through this metamorphous, a new attitude of quality verses quantity has evolved. It was great to see more anglers swinging spey rods than anything else. Along the way, I get to absorb the wisdom of Dave Pinczkowski, Jay Niederstadt, Jeff Hubbard and Greg Senyo. ‐All dedicated anglers and true masters of swinging flies for Great Lakes steelhead. They figured out how to consistently find fish swinging flies on their rivers. I can honestly say that without them, this would have been a film about a guy lost in the woods.

Of course, no steelhead film would be complete without a little hardship and challenge. After a long dry summer and fall in the Midwest, we’re faced with extremely low, clear water for most of the trip. In fact, the rivers hadn’t been that low since the 1940’s. To add to our challenge, the weather did us no favors. The day before I fish with Jeff Hubbard the high temperature was 69 degrees. The next morning the thermometer read 22 and it never did get past 32 that day. But that’s reality for steelheaders in the Midwest. –You just need to adjust your fishing to match the conditions.

My goal for the film was to take the audience fishing with a few of the guys that have helped mold the Great Lakes Spey culture. Although I was there for the very beginning of Spey fishing in the Midwest, they’re the ones that “Cracked the Code”. They showed me how to fish their home waters with new techniques and new fly designs in some pretty tough conditions. Regardless of where you fish, I think you will prosper from their wisdom as well. Plus, some pretty funny stuff happens when you get old fishing buddies together. I hope you enjoy the film!

‐Tom Larimer

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