Apr 21, 2013

Sage Fly Rod Series: The Break Down

When we hear the words, SAGE Fly Rod, we automatically think quality. As longtime leaders in the fly rod market, their commitment to innovation and delivering high performance fly fishing gear to us all has not wavered. Each rod is manufactured at the Sage factory on Bainbridge Island, Washington where incredible engineering, passion and fine attention to detail all come together to create their extensive line of fly rods. No matter where you go, what sort of fish you are chasing or even your casting preferences, there is a rod in the sage line that is perfect for you. We are very fortunate to be long time dealers of their fly rods, and the fact that they are USA-built just a few hours up the road from our shop, is yet another reason we hold Sage in the highest regard. We think they have hit it out of the park with their latest Sage One Series of fly rods that deliver incredible response and uncanny accuracy. Most recently, with the Circa Series, they have given the world of delicate minded trout anglers exactly what they have been waiting for: a slow action rod that doesn't sacrifice performance for the sake of feel. But again, have a look at all the options below to find exactly which rod is your perfect match. And rest assured, when you buy a sage, you are buying a rod years in the making and fully backed by people who care about you and the sport of fishing.

Sage One

They are calling this rod a “game changer.” And we would have to agree. The term One, derives from the idea that there is union between yourself and your fly gear. Meaning, the fly becomes an extension of your mind. I know that’s deep, but the idea here is that by using their Konnetic Technology, which delivers uncanny accuracy, your fly goes where your mind wills it to go. One rods are much lighter, slimmer in profile and extremely responsive, which all put together, makes for an incredible fishing tool, and one that feels like an extension of your body. Simply put, this is a fast action, high performance line of rods, and although it has a fast taper, it is also easy to cast in all situations. Dry flies, streamers, nymphs, freshwater, saltwater… it’s all covered in unbelievable fashion with The One Series.

This is sage’s fastest fly rod in their lineup. Using G-5 construction technology, the TCX brings serious urgency to your fishing. It’s extremely fast taper and light swing weight helps to generate tremendous amounts of line speed. This is not a delicate, easy casting fly rod, however if you want to go for great distances or you need to pick up line in a hurry, the TCX does not disappoint. This rod goes for distance in the wind, handles large streamers and drops down the hammer during the fight. For anglers new to this level of stiffness, it would be a good idea to overline it by one line size for easier casting. For those who really enjoy fast action performance, the TCX is where it’s at.


The Xi3 one of sage’s flagship saltwater fly rod. The Xi3 is basically a revamped Xi2 that has a little more feel for easier casting and better torsional stability for straighter fly line tracking. This rod has a lot of backbone for punching flies into the wind, lifting long lengths of line up into a cast and fighting strong saltwater fish. All rods come with a fighting butt, an anodized reel seat and enlarged guides for a smooth line management. Rest easy that this rod will hold up in the salt, as that is what it is specifically designed for.


As far as fly rod prices go, the VXP is pretty much middle of the road. However, this rod still brings high level performance. We would label this rod as being in the smooth fast action category. Meaning, that although it has a performance taper, it has a level of forgiveness that makes it easy to cast. The VXP has a thin diameter blank and is, overall, very light for its class. The VXP is similar to the One in taper, however it doesn’t have the Konnetic technology seen in the One. As for responsiveness, it is not too far from the top.


The Response is a fine blend of price and performance, that can be used for all types of fly fishing. As with all the rods in their line-up, careful attention has been placed on the rod’s weight and sensitivity that helps the Response live up to its name. For the price, this is a rod that beginners and experts alike, can really embrace.


This ultra lightweight fly rod, is for the lover of small creeks and small flies fished on light tippets. Released a few years back, this rod is dear to many as it boasts a smooth responsiveness needed for easy loading and fine-tuned delivery. There’s a lot of feel in this rod which small waters really demand.


This is as low as you can go with Sage, and guess what, you are still getting one heck of a fly rod! As Sage’s entry level rod, this one is easy to cast while still affording a notable level of performance. We highly recommend the Approach to all newcomers and to those long-time anglers who might be in need of a solid backup rod.

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