Apr 7, 2013

Ready for the Deschutes Stonefly Hatch?

Larimer Outfitters | Deschutes River

Are You Ready for the Deschutes Stonefly Hatch?
The world famous Deschutes Riverstonefly emergence is primed for mid May. Are you ready for the hatch? Here’s a quick checklist of gear you’ll need to have before you hit the water.

Deschutes River Stonefly Assortment

Flies –A few favorite dries for the Deschutes include the Norm Woods Special, Larimer’s Golden Stone, the Chubby Chernobyl, Larimer’s Yellow Sally and Silvey’s Chubby Sally. For nymphs, make sure you have bead head stone’s, Jimmy Rubber Legs and Larimer’s Copper Back Stone. Stop by the shop on your way to the river and we’ll dial you in.

Leaders –For throwing big dries it helps to fish a 7.5’ 3X Rio Powerflex leader. Cut the existing 3X tippet back 1’ and knot on 2’ of 4X tippet. Your finished leader length will be 8.5’. This will give you the power to turn over the big bugs while remaining stealthy enough to fool that old wise trout. For nymphing, we love fishing 9’ 4X RioFluoroflex leaders.

Tippet –Fluorocarbon is a must on the Deschutes. The added secrecy combined with its abrasion resistance does pay off in spades. Make sure your vest is stocked with 3X, 4X and 5X Rio Fluoroflex Tippet.

Floatant –Keep those dry flies riding high!

Indicators and split shot –Thingamabobbers work great for fishing heavy nymphs. You’ll want to carry size B and BB shot for assisting your flies to the depths.

Quality Polarized Sunglasses –Starring at dry flies in the glare of the sun is taxing on your eyes. A quality pair of sunglasses greatly reduces that strain. Plus, they make it easy to see those subtle risers.

Drift boat trips in the Maupin area and jet boat trips in the lower river. If you’re looking to improve your skills, learn a ton about the Deschutes and her amazing trout, book a guide.

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