Jan 26, 2013

Steelhead Fishing Report - Columbia River Gorge

Report for January 26, 2013
Gabe with a day brightener 
Well, finally a bit of moisture to spice things up. It’s been tough fishing out there for fly anglers over the past couple of weeks, leaving many scratching their shivering heads in the cold, clear waters around The Gorge. The Sandy and Clackamas rivers as well as the Hood all got a bump in levels and already, the reports are sprinkling in about bright steelhead eating flies on the Clack. Not a huge bump, but just enough to get fish moving and to zest up those dour attitudes.

In this article by Tom Larimer, he discusses the how changing river conditions influence sink tip selection and fishing methods. It’s a great read and a must read for those anglers hoping to tailor their tactics to fit present conditions. Presently, with the added bump in levels, we are now in a time of transition. Levels have peaked and now are on a steady decline. This is a great time for swing anglers, as fish will spread out more and travel a little higher in the water column to take a fly. Moving through the week, the forecast is calling for more moisture with certain rivers expecting to rise a little, which is all quite dependant on freezing levels. Although moisture is predicted, rivers are not expected to blow out. So with a few small bumps here and there coupled with slightly warmer temperatures, we should start to experience some better fishing.

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