Jan 30, 2013

Rio Bonefish Quickshooter Offers On-Time Delivery

Bonefish Quick Shooter

It’s become apparent to us here at the shop, that the new Bonefish Quickshooter Fly Line is the new top seller among tropical, saltwater anglers, especially those hunting up bonefish on the flats. Not only is this the new go-to fly line for anglers new to bonefishing, it is also a big hit with those on the experienced end. There’s one major reason why. As its name implies, the line arrives on target very quickly, from start to finish.

Bonefishing success demands short reaction time. You see the fish. The fish is moving. You need to get your fly there, immediately, before the fish has slid on past. This is the idea behind this new fly line. At only 35 ½ feet long, this short head helps anglers to load their rod with only one or two false casts before going for distance. The way I figure it, why waste time trying to work line out with false cast after false cast, while continuing to adjust the angle of delivery, when you can pick a spot immediately, and send it there? The panel at the latest IFTD Show might agree, as they awarded this line, “Top new saltwater fly line for 2013” honors.

Weighted at least a half size heavier than other fly lines, the Quickshooter helps anglers to feel the rod come under load, and feel the tension built throughout the cast. This is especially beneficial when fishing in windy conditions where long lengths of false casting can break down and cause anglers to start working extra hard, lose their timing, and lose that tight connection to the fly.

When asked about this new line from Rio, here is what Gorge Fly Shop owner and long-time bonefish angler, Travis Duddles had to say...

“Let's face it, most anglers do not fish 100 days a year and are not expert casters. That is where the Quickshooter comes in. It is designed to load your rod quickly. This is important, since you have little time for false casting while fishing for bonefish when quick accurate cast are needed.”

“I would say the only real drawback will be for the very experienced caster who is casting 60 plus feet (an honest 60 plus). A standard bonefish taper will allow the distance caster to carry more line in the air for these long casts. Remember though, most bonefish are caught in under 50 feet. Quick accurate cast are the key and this is what the Quick shooter is for.”

George Cook on the Rio BQS:
“Whether you’re novice or a seasoned salt traveler, this performance fly line offers quick and accurate delivery. For the novice, the quick loading aspect of the line sets the pace for a 1-2 false cast set up from “Sight to Shoot.” Think spotting a moving Bonefish to the delivery of the “I need to get it done NOW Cast”. For the seasoned salt traveler, this fly line provides a quick load and delivery system that previous trips have demanded but Fly Line Taper may have inhibited. But not now, salt-fans. “Load & Go”. Tell the guide to have the camera ready!

As with all Rio Saltwater lines, the Rio QS has an ultra slick coating, utilizes extreme floating technology and its tropical-minded core maintains its integrity even in the warmest of climates.

Alright, enough hype. I can’t wait to try one down in Mexico come April.
Duffy & The Gorge Fly Shop

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