Jan 17, 2013

Christmas on Christmas Island - Jimmy Buffet Style

All I want for...

I wanted to share this recent email from a customer who arranged his trip to Ikari House, Christmas Island, with Fish Head Expeditions.  Hey, what better way to spend the holidays?

Blue Fin Trevally

Hi Jerry,

The trip went well. Had the whole island all to myself and never saw another fisherman! Two couples showed up at the lodge to surf. WTF the surf was off, so they were bummed and did a bit of fishing to kill time. The food was good and had some great meals of fresh caught fish, sashimi, etc.. Saw a lot of fish and caught 60+ bones and several trevally. It was pretty breezy every day so had to take that into consideration on most walks. Fished the backcountry, the lagoon and one day along the beach by the Korean wreck.


Giant Trevally
Jerry Swanson

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