Dec 31, 2012

Buff Headwear - Add Sun and Wind Protection to Your Fishing

Buff - Blue Water Camo
The Buff simply has to be one of the greatest innovations to emerge in the outdoor apparel market over the past decade. Unlike a beanie style hat, Buffs actually have holes at both ends - top and bottom. It slides down over your neck but it can also be worn up higher on the head and face, bandit style. The buff is a protector. It protects you from the sun’s harmful UV rays which are so typical and exceedingly strong in water environments. It also shields your skin from the wind and it helps to keep your head and neck warm on the shivery days.

What else? Well, they are quite comfortable to the skin. Buffs are %100 percent polyester but the material also has some added attributes popular in many layering garments today. What Buff calls Coolmax Extreme is a moisture wicking technology that helps the material breath and stay dry. On top of that, Buff has also included what they call, Polygiene Active Odor Control, which fights smells left by sweat; stink that you would probably prefer did not hang around.

Buff - Rainbow Trout 2

We recently ramped up our Buff selection at the shop because there simply was no denying how important they have become for anglers around the globe. Fishing takes a toll on the body, especially the skin. Even on the cloudy days, the sun is there pounding you, wrinkling you and pushing you one step closer to dangerous skin conditions, like cancer. Wind burn doesn’t help either. Not only does wind harm your face, but it also drains your energy, at least as far as I can tell from many years spent guiding in it.

Buffs are here to stay. More and more, anglers aren’t leaving the house without one in their gear bag. That’s another thing… they are so small and compress into such a packable size, that they barely take up any room in your bag. Or your pocket for that matter. Tuck one in your pocket and you barely even know it’s there, until the sun gets high, the breeze picks up or that little chill starts creeping up your neck.

Greg also made a short video,

Here’s a Buff graphic showing their versatility. Wear it how you will, but at only 23 dollars you might agree that it’s kind of a no brainer. There’s so many styles and patterns to choose from now. We couldn’t stock them all, but I like to think we picked out a pretty nice array.

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