Sep 17, 2012

Spey for Less - Echo Classic Spey and Echo Ion Fly Reel

Echo Classic Spey

Props to Echo for building quality fly rods for less money. Thanks to Tim Rajeff and his great staff, we are seeing some amazing rods coming down the line that the average person buy and now, with the new Echo Classic Spey Rod, you can jump head first into spey fishing without blowing an entire month’s rent. The Classic is a ramped up version of the Solo. It’s the perfect beginner rod, which means that it is very easy to cast and help to perfect one’s spey skills. But a stiffer butt section and snappier response add cleaner power to the stroke than seen with the Solo. For $269.99, I would fish one of these all day long. The Classic comes in three sizes: 6126-4, 7129-4, 8130-4. The 6 and 7 weights are ideal summer steelhead rods capable of handling moderate tips and the 8 weight is perfect for big rivers, big tips and yes, big fish. I must say, I like the length of these rods. For most situations, 13 feet is plenty long.

Strap an Echo Ion Fly Reel to one of these and you are good to go. These are the best reels for under $100 that you are going to find anywhere and they actually make great spey reels. We have heard really good things from anglers using these reels. The drag is plenty strong and smooth enough to do battle. Each reel provides ample capacity which is ideal for spey that needs a lot of room for backing, running line and thick spey lines. The Echo Ion comes in many sizes but anglers looking for a spey reel should only concern themselves with the Ion 8/10 (5-6wt speys, switch rods... $99.99) and the Ion 10/12 (7 – 9 wt speys...$99.99)

Ion Fly Reel

So if you have been on the fence about getting into spey, or maybe you are looking for a backup rod to take with you on the river, this is one rod/reel outfit to seriously consider.  You can take home a new spey rod and fly reel for $369.00.  Whoa, thanks Echo.

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