Sep 5, 2012

Outcast OSG Commander Inflatable Fishing Boat

While talking with the Outcast crew (exceptionally nice guys I might add) at the IFTD show recently, the boat that everyone was most excited about was the OSG Commander. It’s just plain convenient. And it’s comfortable and it’s durable. There is little doubt about the quality of Outcast pontoon boats, rafts and float tubes. They are tried and trusted, have been around a while and people like them. But now the word is getting out about the Commander and from what I understand, they are selling a bunch of them.

Shaped like a short, wide kayak or a very slim row boat, the Commander is an inflatable, one person watercraft that that is extremely easy to maneuver. It is more agile than a pontoon boat and tracks much like a kayak. As can be seen from the photos, the front half of the boat has an open floor so that the craft can be controlled by fin-kicking, which means that yes, you can use your hands for fishing still water and slowly moving rivers. The seat is close to the water which makes fin-kicking more natural and more effective than experienced in a pontoon. Furthermore, that hole in the boat allows you to stand up on the river bottom and make adjustments or make a cast, without fear that your boat is going to drift away.

Outcast OSG Commander

For maximum control, the attachable, break-down oars get you where you need to be and adjustable foot rests keep your feet out away from harm’s way while running more technical water. Behind the adjustable rower’s seat is a bunch of storage space complete with cargo loops needed to strap down your gear for long day trips and short overnighters.

But the real kicker is that this boat only weighs 35 lbs. And there is no frame to haul or piece together. It packs down to fit into a large duffel or backpack which really opens up opportunities for exploration and tucking into some of those crittery places that you’ve been wondering about.

The Commander also boasts a durable PVC coating, urethane bladders and welded seams which is pretty typical for all their high end boats.


Inflated Size: 46" x 10'
Tube Diameter: 11"
Fabric: 500 PVC/1000 PVC
Material Weight: 30/32 oz/sq.yd.
AireCell Material: urethane
Seam Construction: Welded
Warranty: 5
Valve Type: (2)Summit II
Weight: 35 lbs.
Load Capacity: 500 lbs.
Frame: none
Anchor System: none
Motor Mount: none
Oar Type: 5' 2 piece

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