Aug 4, 2012

Sage Fly Rods and Fly Reels on Closeout

Well, it’s a great time to shop. Now is the time to get special deals on Sage Fly Rods and Fly Reels!

Sage ZXL

Designed for anglers who prefer an easier, more relaxed casting rhythm, the ZXL elevates classic action fly rods to an entirely new level of performance. In other words, you get the smooth feel and delicate presentations of a traditional, progressive taper without sacrificing distance, accuracy or wind penetration.
Click Sage ZXL Closeouts for further details on all ZXLs in our inventory.
Sale Price:  $469.95
($210.00 - $220.00 Savings)

Sage Flight 
Like all Sage fly rods, Flight series rods are built by skilled artisans right here on Bainbridge Island. The Flight series offers a full range of light and smooth fly rods. So smooth, beginning and experienced anglers will appreciate its ability to generate high line speed. Casters will feel the rod load more precisely for improved power transfer and efficiency. Great features at a great price.  Click SAGE FLIGHT CLOSEOUTS for further details on all Flight rods in our inventory.
Sale Price: $259.95    
($100.00 Savings)  

Sage Vantage
Sage’s Vantage Series fly rods give casters a high level of line feel, creating a quicker, more instinctive understanding of when to apply power. They feature a smooth, medium-fast action for maximum forgiveness and effortless loading. Performance and quality…Vantage fly rods redefine the concept of value - Every Vantage Series rod is handmade on Bainbridge Island.  Click SAGE VANTAGE CLOSEOUTS for further details on all Vantage rods in our inventory. 
Sale Price: $179.95  
($70.00 Savings)

6000 Series Fly Reels
Sage’s pinnacle of contemporary fly reel design. 6000 reels series were designed around our exclusive SCS drag system that creates a silky smooth resistance while efficiently dissipating heat. It does all this with a minimum of weight, allowing fishermen more line feel and the ability to make more casts without fatigue. This sealed system is impervious to water, sand and grit, requiring no maintenance beyond simple rinsing.

The 6000 series reels for saltwater are the same high performance reels that we also recommend as a great option for our two-handed rods.
Click SAGE 6000 FLY REEL CLOSEOUTS for further details on all 6000 sizes and colors in our inventory. 
Sale Prices from $449.95 - $499.95 depending on size  
($150.00 - $200.00 Savings)

4200 Series Fly Reels
Matching the level of design from the makers of the world's finest fly rods, Sage introduces the 4200 series reel. The award winning 4200 is machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum and features our fully sealed SCS Floating Tripod drag unit for smooth, maintenance-free performance. A precisely calibrated, one-revolution drag knob allows for quick, reliable adjustments you need to hook an play the big ones.
Click SAGE 4200 FLY REEL CLOSEOUTS for details on all 4200 sizes and colors in our inventroy
Sale Prices from $199.95 - $219.95 depending on size
($89.00 Savings)

4500 Series Fly Reels
Smooth, powerful resistance without the weight. 3:1 geared, fully sealed carbon drag unit provide smooth, powerful resistance without the weight of traditional drag systems. Machined aluminum construction, large arbor design and one-revolution drag adjustment combine for a light, tough reel that outperforms any in its class.  As an added bonus, 4500 and 4500CF spools are interchangeable.  Click SAGE 4500 FLY REEL CLOSEOUTS for details on all available sizes and colors in our inventory.
Sale prices from $269.95 - $299.95 depending on size
($105.00 - $125.00 Savings)

Please email us or call us if you have any questions regarding use or sizing!

Thank you,
-GFS Team

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