Jun 7, 2012

Now Taking Orders for Sage One Spey and Switch Rods

The word, as it swirls around the river, the back alleyways and, well most importantly, from Sage, states that Sage One Spey Rod and Sage One Switch Rods are now for sale. Now that’s the kind of news we need to kick off the 2012 summer season! Wouldn’t it be nice to complement the fresh, new season with a rod that matches the invigorating sensations inherent in summer? Talk about a recharge… But seriously, this is the one that the Spey and Switch community has been waiting for.

Sage One Spey

Recently, anglers got to cast these rods at the Sandy River Spey Clave out here in Oregon and the response was one of admiration and well, bafflement. How could a rod feel so light, so lively in hand while providing such a sharp level of power and line speed? Could it be that this rod is truly The One?

I had a long chat with Sage represenative, George Cook, about these rods and he is just as excited as the rest of us. In fact, it was a great, informative interview and I’ll get to posting it here this coming week. Not only do we get into the guts of the rods, but he also helps to break down the various sizes and which rod would best match a given application.

I don’t mean to write this with such excitable spirit or one that seemingly overstates the significance of this release, but for some, getting a rod like this in hand is no trivial matter. When I’m out there, especially when I’m steelhead fishing, it’s all the parts that make up the whole that are important to me. I mean we can go days without a hook-up so you can’t completely measure the day by the length of the fins.

So what is left? Well everything else.

When I feel like my fly is an extension of my body and spirit, I am having a good time. When my body moves clean, and action follows purpose, I am having a good time. When I feel connected, I am having a good time. If I am agile and free to gel with my surroundings then I am having a good time. What a quality rod really gives me is the lust to pursue confidently, comfortably and honestly. And the fish... well, they come naturally.

Too much? Not for me. Sometimes I have to put it in words to understand how a fly rod like The Sage One makes me feel.

To get one or to get the specs hit,

Sage One Spey and Switch Rods

And be sure to check back for a complete rundown on these rods in the days to come.

- Gorge Fly Shop

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