Jun 29, 2012

Deschutes Summer Steelhead Flies

Summer Steelhead Fly Selection

Summer has landed in the Lower Deschutes River Canyon, which means that Steelhead are not far behind. Every year thousands of fish make their way home into the river starting in early July. After a right hand turn at Heritage Landing where the Deschutes and the Columbia River meet, the climb up into the Central Oregon desert begins. Through riffles and flats they go and up over numerous rapids such as Moody, Rattlesnake, Colorado, Gordon Ridge and Washout. It’s a wonderful stretch of river, brimming with personality and flare… But to experience this remote canyon stretch, one must like to either hike or bike, take a jet boat ride or a multi day float. Or if you dare, negotiate the heart-thumping Kloan road down into the depths of the canyon.

We are so fired up for another summer season on the Deschutes. From the agile simplicity of early morning dry lines to the ambiguous sink tip game in high sun, this landscape and these fish are deserving of their world famous charm. Whether you’re spey fishing or using your favorite single hander, you’ll need some trusted fly patterns. Deschutes Steelhead are fairly aggressive and they will rise to a number of different patterns. But here are a few flies that have a pretty solid track record over the years… If you’re in need of some go-to patterns, our Deschutes Summer Steelhead Selection has got you covered.

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