May 14, 2012

Sage 4200 Series Fly Reels

As far as fly reels go, the Sage 4200 Series is pretty darn nice. It functions nicely and it looks rather nice. And this seems a nice way to put it, but another way to put it would be to say that they are these reels are bad a**. No matter which description you prefer, you are ultimately pondering a mid-priced fly reel which meets the level of excellence that Sage customers have come to trust.

When playing around with the vast line of Sage Reels, I always come back to the 4200 Series because it is more in my price range and I don’t feel like I sacrifice an unacceptable amount of quality by not going with the 6000 series. This is a sacrifice I can easily make for the price difference. And although not the top dog, I still think it is bad a** and also, a rather nice reel.

Especially when priced between $289.00 - $319.00

They are built from aircraft grade aluminum. They spin fluidly. They are large-arbored but made larger by the generous spool capacities. The drag knob is easy to turn and it is numbered for those who like that sort of thing. The sealed drag system is made up of a series of stacked carbon fiber and steel discs that create smooth stopping power. And they look nice... Well you be the judge. Here are a few pics:





For further descriptions:  Sage 4200 Fly Reels    


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