Apr 20, 2012

Sage TCX 8 Weight Switch Rod

It seems that Jerry likes this rod.  I have one too and I would have to agree with Jerry

Sage 8119 TCX Switch

Sick! Sick! Sick! With the Airflo 540 Skagit Switch head and the tip of your choice, it is point and shoot. Even T-17. It is that easy. About any fly you want to toss is gone! I fish a mono running line, but any of them will work with this concentrated density of head. Light in the hand and fishes much larger than its length and line weight. No need for a big counterbalanced reel either. If it has the capacity it will work. Try a Nautilus NV 10/11 reel. I have written before on how I really like the 5, 6 and 7 wt switchers. I still do and they are in the quiver of rods I fish. No one makes a rod with this much feel that can do what this rod does. Leave the Advil at home, you won't need it with this rod.

Jerry Swanson
Fish Head Expeditions, LLC

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