Apr 10, 2012

Powerdale Access is Closed

For those of you who fish the Hood River regularly, the heart of this note concerns the Powerdale stretch of river accessed through the Copper Property. Just so everyone is clear, the access road down to the property is private and it is currently closed. I know this hurts. As strong proponents for access and preservation, we do hope this policy will change in the future. In fact there is talk on the table of securing this easement as a public use recreation area. Hopefully this will happen!

There’s a lot of he said she saids going on out there – many thinking that, although there is a sign up, it doesn’t really apply to them. The truth is, there is a reason the Coppers closed down the road and much of it has to do with disrespect to the property or irresponsible actions on the part of anglers. One thing is for sure: our actions will influence the fate of this land. By continuing to trespass we may seriously jeopardize public use on this property in the future. Let’s try to show our respect to this particular land owner as well as to all stretches of this beautiful river. By acting like responsible stewards we will help guarantee a healthy, accessible watershed for generations to come.

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