Jan 6, 2012

Steelhead Fishing Report 01/06/2012

The Hood, Sandy and Clackamas rivers are presently flowing at ideal levels. The weather is mild and winter steelhead are finding their way back home. The rivers have cleared rather quickly following the recent surge. Although we shouldn’t expect numbers to peak until march, there are enough fish around to necessitate some fleegan floggen.

Now would be a perfect time to get out there and create your own fishing report!

Recent Encounter.  Photo: Jeff Hickman

We all have our favorite patterns to serve up to the steel…

This time of year, I’m reaching for red, orange, white and shell-pink patterns when the day is bright. If the sky is gray, I’m a sucker for black & blue. Keep in mind, there is no important “hatch.” If you open up your box and you are taken by a certain pattern, then chances are that you will not be the only one.

That said, it can’t hurt to switch up, when your mood says so. Tying on a new pattern can work wonders for your confidence and it can help to inject passion into the swing. Twist on an intruder if you’re feeling like a bully. How about a gob of flash if you want to show off? Feeling shy? Tie on something a little more subtle…

Surf the waves of your emotions, but be careful not to stay in the trough too long. One thing is certain: (well maybe), you will not hook a steelhead if you are angry! An appreciative, happy nature will help charge the current for that electrifying connection.

Have a good time,

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