Jun 29, 2016

Winston Bamboo - Handcrafted Legends

Winston has been involved with BAMBOO since 1929

Embrace fly fishing for a given period of time and one naturally develops a degree of nostalgia. 

I remember my early days fishing with a fiberglass rod. When graphite took over I never even gave thought that fiberglass would regain popularity but here we are at this place in time where the properties of fiberglass are once again appreciated.  

Bamboo most certainly emits thoughts of nostalgia but bamboo reaches deeper into feelings of artisan and grace. To appreciate the qualities of bamboo one must first appreciate what a fly rod does for us. Next, understanding how bamboo is crafted into a fly rod will take you to another level of appreciation. Lastly experiencing the smooth feel of the action coupled with a delicate precise performance fosters feelings of better days existing in an almost gone forever era of time. Like wisdom itself, appreciation for bamboo only develops over a period of time and its experiences.

Our modern fly rods of today have exceeded performance levels never thought possible with types of carbon fibers and building processes. Unimaginable at the time long ago when skilled craftsman carefully split and hand planed every piece of cane until they perfectly came together into a precision tapered fly rod.
While Bamboo rods are beautiful to look at its understanding the skilled art under the surface that really sets a cane apart from all other fly rod materials.

Our appreciation for Bamboo and our connection to R.L.Winston Fly Rod Co. (makers of fine Bamboo rods since 1929) have enabled us to provide some buying options for these fine rods.

Winston Bamboo - Instock 

Gorge Fly Shop currently has these 3 models in our inventory ready to ship. All three are 2 piece rods with extra tip sections included. All have nickel silver reel seats with burled box elder inserts.
Pictures are the actual rods and can be seen in greater detail by clicking to our website listing

Winston Bamboo - Special Reserve

Gorge Fly Shop has set aside a collection of near finished Bamboo Fly Rods at the R.L. Winston Factory. Near finish is the bamboo blanks are completely done and ready for completion of the reel seat of your choice. Once you make the purchase we send the seat instruction to Winston and your rod will be completed in a timely matter. How timely? Long enough to set the reel seat and let the epoxy dry. What once took months or even a year can now be completed in days. Gorge Fly Shop has a great selection of bamboo blanks on hold ready for finish.

Choose your real seat

Built to order

If these options don't provide what you are seeking then one can always choose the options and have R.L.Winston custom build your dream rod. While there may be some wait time we understand you didn't reach this decision overnight. The fact that you are choosing this option is an indication you are experienced in the understanding of good things in life come with time and patience. Gorge Fly Shop can help facilitate this process for you with our experience in Bamboo and the quality of our relationship and communication through R.L.Winston Fly Rod Co.

Just like the art of fly fishing, the art of bamboo must never be forgotten.


Gorge Fly Shop Internet Sales Manager | Product Specialist

"Fly Fish the World with Us"

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