Oct 29, 2015

Scott Fly Rods - Now at Gorge Fly Shop

At Gorge Fly Shop we appreciate all fly rods. We wish we could sell and fish all fly rods but let's face it, there is just too many fly rods on the market to learn, know and fish with. We pay attention to what the other rod companies are doing and Scott Fly Rods have been on our radar for some time now. Very impressive watching this rod company grow into success. I really like going to the fly shows and getting a chance to casts Scott's latest offerings, since I don't get to do that everyday I always look forward to it. Gorge Fly Shop can't possibly carry all brands of fly rods made but instead we like to carry a good selection of brands that we believe in. We're proud to add Scott Fly Rod company to that lineup and look forward to providing you with these great rods. 

I asked Dan Marshall (our NW Scott fly rod representative) to give us a breakdown of the different rod series from Scott to help us get under way. Here is Dan's comments for Scott Fly Rods.
The Scott fly Rod Company began in 1974 in the Bay area of California handcrafting high performance U.S. made fly rods, first using fiberglass and then progressing to carbon fiber (graphite).  Today the company resides in Montrose, Colorado and maintains the legacy of building high performance hand made fishing tools that anyone would be proud to own and enjoy fishing.

Run down on Scott Fly Rod models and fly rod actions.

This rod series is all water, medium fast action with nice recovery and easy loading and great durability. All anglers will feel these rods cast effortlessly and put the fly on the target.  A great rod for the budget minded angler but with great performance.

The G2 is our dry fly presentation series with a moderate action that allows it to load easily at close range and protect fine tippets.  Scott uses an internal ferrule system that makes this rod track extremely well and makes casing accurately a breeze.  This is my favorite trout rod to fish dry flies from a boat or walking and wading.


Scott began making fiberglass fly rods in 1974 and continue to do so to this day.  This material has inherent properties that lend itself to creating a very soft action fly rod with the easiest loading capability of all of our rods.  The F2 is perfect for brushy creeks and streams, loads very well in close, is very durable to abuse, and is also extremely accurate for a soft action fly rod due to the internal ferrule system similar to the G2.


The Radian from Scott has received awards as the best  freshwater fly rod and for good reason.  It is extremely light, has a medium fast action, casts an incredibly tight loop and is deadly accurate.  This rod series is a great all around fishing tool that can throw dry flies, streamers, and nymph rigs with ease and is a joy to fish.  It is 20% lighter and 20% stronger than any other high end freshwater rod we’ve ever built.


Scot introduced the Tidal fly rod series to give the budget minded saltwater and bass angler a great rod for under $500.  It has a fast action but loads easily and can handle big flies and strong winds that are commonplace in a saltwater environment.  Of course, all components used are corrosion resistant for salty environs and like most saltwater rods the blanks are slightly thicker than a freshwater rod which makes it very durable.  One feature I like the most is the thread wraps are…..Seahawk colors.


This is the most recent offering from Scott that has been awarded the title of best saltwater  fly rod.  The material used to craft this rod is the same used in the very popular Radian, making it lighter and stronger than any other saltwater rod Scott has ever made.  Features include titanium guides, a very slim fighting butt, anodized aluminum reel seat and a modified full wells grip that aids the caster in loading the rod deep for long casts.  As with all Scott rods, the Meridian excels at all distances making close accurate casts as well as throwing the long bomb to reach a spooky fish.  Tight loops are the rule rather than the exception and Meridian creates extremely high line speed to make it happen.  Of course, nine foot four piece models are the standard but in this series Scott also offer eight foot ten inch two piece models for the boat angler and added durability.

Thank You Dan...We look forward to getting out and putting the bend in these great All American made fly rods from Scott.


Gorge Fly Shop Internet Sales Manager | Product Specialist

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