Feb 11, 2015

Hatch Nomad Pliers - When they Grip you will Grin

Made in the USA
Hatch Outdoors continues to impress me with the precision machine work, attention to detail and flawless anodized finishes. All critical features that make Hatch fly reels some of the most popular reels on the market today. 

Those features can all be found in the new addition of the Hatch Nomad Pliers

2014 IFTD Show

The guys at Hatch showed me a prototype of the new pliers about a year before release. They looked awesome and I couldn't wait to get my hands on a pair. A year later after seeing and using the final product really indicated to me how much time and effort went into making these incredible pliers. You see it's that same kind of commitment to every detail that makes Hatch Fly Reels the benchmark standard today.

I've had some time on the water with these new pliers and while I failed to bring you a toothy critter hook removing picture (and I did try real hard) I still want to point out some of the key features that have me completely sold on these.


Precision Jaws and Cutters
At 6.25" they are "Just Right!" They fit your hand like a glove and no matter Trout to Toothy Critter they are not too big or too small. By the way 6.25" was intentional to legally clear TSA airport regulations so go ahead and carry them on.

Jaws and Cutters

Rich leather sheath
Mono, Fluoro, Bite Tippet, Braid, Dacron....it doesn't matter! The cutters cut flawlessly. Made from Tungsten Carbide and yes they are replaceable. Take note of how the cutter blades come right to the jaw's edge. It's surprisingly easy to trim even 6x right close to the fly. The jaws are machined from 1704 stainless steel for corrosion resistance and are also replaceable.


Rich Black Leather with sewn in red thread seams and an embossed Hatch Logo accent this sheath and adds the classic look to properly finish the package. Looking back I remember talking to Andrew at Hatch about the problem I have with competitors sheaths and not being able to get them to fit my wading belt. Most of my angling involves waders so what do you do? Put your pliers in your pocket...Not Cool! So not only did Hatch make the loop big enough for your wading belt they also incorporated a stainless steel snap that allows for easy on/off and no more struggling to get a buckle though the loop.


Attach lanyard to your hip pack

Even thought went into the lanyard.  Hatch took a different approach than the old coil type of lanyard and decided to go a different direction and create a custom bungee lanyard detachable at both ends. The sweet feature of this is the ability to use the lanyard on its own without the need of the sheath. You can attach it to your boat or float tube without fear of loosing your investment. You can attach them to your hip pack, wader suspenders or a belt loop. This simple feature gives your Nomad Pliers extreme versatility so no matter what fishing adventure you are pursuing your pliers can go with you.

Bottle Opener

At the end of an awesome successful day of fishing let your Nomad Pliers do the honors of popping the top on a bottle of celebration and make a toast to all the fish that got hooked, landed, released and the one that got away!

Functional, Versatile,  Bold...Are the words I use to describe the Nomad Pliers!


Gorge Fly Shop Internet Sales Manager | Product Specialist

"Fly Fish the World with Us"

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