Jun 27, 2014

Sneak Peek from Lamson - Liquid and Remix Reels

Coming Soon!

Two new entry level offerings are on the way from the Waterworks Lamson Company. These guys are always coming up with fresh ideas and all their reels are stylish and innovative. The two new reels coming soon are the Liquid and the Remix. Key features to note are a lightweight design, easy custom color add-on, same proven drag system used on all Lamson reels and an entry level affordable pricing wrap up what is sure to be a big success! 

All Pictures and details courtesy of WaterWorks Lamson

New $99 Liquid Fly Reel...Expected instock August 2014

Optional Cassette Colors: Salsa Green, Burnt Orange and Coral Blue
The new die cast Liquid reel focuses on the virtues and advantages a pressure-cast process can offer. Structurally you can do things with casting that you can’t machine, such as full radiused compound curves, near zero-radius inside corners, and for precise fit and finish you can go back and machine the cast part in critical areas amplifying the best aspects of the process.
We pushed back on other boundaries as well. How much of a reel at this price can we make here in the U.S.? Quite a lot as it turns out, and it’s a good mix. These high quality castings are imported, but the components critical to the drag system are CNC-machined here in the U.S. Liquid reels are assembled in Boise,Idaho alongside our highest priced reels.

ModelRetail (Reel)Retail (Spool)
LQ 1.599.9545.95
LQ 299.9545.95
LQ 3.5109.9550.95
LQ 3.5 3-pack  (one reel and two spools)159.95
LQ 4129.9560.95
*Spools are compatible with Remix Reel
*LQ1.5,2,3.5 - expected August 2014
*LQ4 expected December 2014


Liquid 1.5 = WF4 + 50 yds 12#
Liquid 2 = WF6 + 100 yds 20#
Liquid 3.5 = WF8 + 225 yds 20#
Liquid 4 = WF10 + 250 yds 30#

New $159 Remix Reel expected in stock August 2014

A fusion between the free-form structures of a cast spool and the mechanical integrity of a CNC-machined case, Remix is a hybrid.
The case, CNC-machined here in the U.S. from 6061 bar-stock aluminum, delivers maximum structural rigidity and durability all wrapped in a harder, brighter finish. The spool is pressure cast.
All critical drag components are CNC-machined in the U.S. And like Liquid, Remix reels are assembled in Boise, Idaho.

Remix - Hybrid design
ModelRetail ReelsRetail Spool
RX 1.5159.9545.95
RX 2159.9545.95
RX 3.5169.9550.95
RX 4199.9560.95
Remix  HD Reels
RX 3.5 HD189.9550.95
RX 4 HD219.9560.95
*Spools are compatible with Liquid Reels
*RX1.5,2,3.5 expected August 2014
*RX 4 expected Decmeber 2014

Remix 1.5 = WF4 + 50 yds 12#
Remix 2 = WF6 + 100 yds 20#
Remix 3.5 = WF8 + 225 yds 20#
Remix 4 = WF10 + 250 yds 30#

Liquid and Remix Color Sleeve

For $9.95 you can customize your look

Liquid and Remix reels ship with our standard black anodized cassette. Three color sleeves are offered as an option for consumers to customize their reel.This anodized aluminum sleeve fits over the standard cassette.
Retail $9.95.
Sizes 1.5/2 and 3.5/4.
Colors: Salsa Green, Burnt Orange and Coral Blue.
*Compatible with Liquid and Remix reels only

All Pictures and details courtesy of WaterWorks Lamson

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