May 19, 2014

SMITH OPTICS: ChromaPOP (Fish in style and with purpose)

Is the grass really greener on the other side?

We've said it before, Smith Optics have been leading the Fly Fishing industry in quality optics for many years. The ChomaPOP's are no different, or are they? 

In recent years we have seen even further forward movement with great lens choices like Ignitor and Polarchromatic Copper and frame choices like Dover, Chief, and Frontman. Smith Optics sunglasses not only have great style and fit but provide incredible clarity with Techlite Polarize Glass lens technology. We have been selling these lenses for a little while now. Last year we tested the Tenet with Low Light Ignitor lenses and this year we wanted to review one of the coolest lenses we saw at last years IFTD show, but with all the cool products out we just recently where able to get our hands on a pair to test. 

Where have you been all my life...
As I waited for my pair to arrive in the mail I was forced to use a different lens, so the first thing I did after getting my hands on a pair of these Frontman ChromaPOPs was go out side and compare them with some of my other sunglasses in my arsenal, including another pair of Smiths I love but aren't ChromaPOP's.
Take the time and admire the good things in life.
FIT, COMFORT, CLARITY: All these things came into play during my initial test. The first thing I noticed was fit. The frame fit nicely on my noggin and contoured my face nicely blocking those annoying UV's and rested comfortably on my nose, did I mention they where cool? If there was ever a pair of sunglasses that made you feel better about yourself, these could be it. I don't ever leave the house with out having them close by. I may even purchase another pair just to go in the Jeep.

  • Med-Large Fit / Large Coverage
  • Carbonic TLT Lenses
  • Evolve Frame Material
  • Hydrophilic Megol Nose and Temple Pads
  • 8 Base Lens Curvature
  • Frame Measurements 61-15-125
I could go on and on about the clarity of these lenses, but there's enough documentation out there that babbles on and on - let's just say the clarity exceeded my expectations both on and off the river.

Now to be fair, you can't always judge or even write a review on a product you've only seen once or twice. So for this review, we head to the the Hood, San Juan, Sandy and the Deschutes Rivers. My time spent on these rivers made me appreciate not only the fit and comfort but the lens quality as well. It felt great wearing them all day in both low light and bright sunny days. Rain or Shine I was ready!

"In order to see change you must open your eyes."
ChromaPOP's slogan for these lenses is "The Grass Really is Greener". So the first thing that popped into my head is if you want the greener grass on the other side of the fence... Stop bleeping on your own lawn. My point is, not everything on the other side of the fence is always better, nor greener. However, when it comes to these Chormapop lenses, the grass truly is greener and the clarity is phenomenal!

I imagine the team over at SMITH's would probably say something like: Front and center with bold charisma and distinction. The Frontman offers crisp and fresh surfacing details, plus enough head curvature and temple thickness to keep out the sun and keep you fishing all day or out on the town. - I would have to agree but add that they're just damn cool!
After putting these shades through the ringer and having some time to think about this article I'm honestly still in love with these Frontman ChromaPOP's. I plan to put them to good use in the coming months.

So did I catch my first fish on a fly because I was wearing SMITH sunglasses? Or more importantly ChromaPOP lenses? Maybe, one could argue either way. So I'll leave you with this closing thought. You can always change out a fly on the river but the last thing you want to think about is gee, wish I would have warn my other sunglasses.

Article by: Mike Prine - The Newbie
Gorge Fly Shop - Webmaster

"Fly Fish the World with Us"

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