Aug 1, 2012

The Right Kind of Advice

The Gorge Fly Shop team has decades of experience when it comes to fly fishing. We know about gear, and we know how to go about things on the water. Together we are a vast collection of knowledge. However, we all have our own specialties or interests within the sport that we bring to the table. For instance, I wouldn’t really be the BEST person to answer your questions about Bass fishing, but I could help you with your spey interests. Or, I couldn’t really hold court on the science of Permit presentation, but Jerry or Travis sure could.

So our vision for this page hopes to get you in touch with that person who shares a similar passion to your own. It’s really just an informal, friendly way to get your questions answered by the team member who might help you most effectively or completely.

We think it’s a great idea. Have a look at our Expert Advice Page, read over the bios listed there and email any questions to the person who might best help you with your fishing pursuits. We look forward to helping you anyway that we can.

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